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  • Hi all, I come for the first time in this section of the forum to present you my second game made in Construct2 completely (the first game was only as project for the final of a course)

    So here it is:

    The game is really basic, I've developed it for this weekend as a fast idea, and in the game you are a defense of a biologic body that is being attacked by a lot of bacteries, you need to defend your Core using your trail pressing SPACE. Also you have automatic reinforcements that will help you a bit in your road to defend the core and get higher in the ranking.


    Arrow keys.


    Enjoy and comment!

  • Really interesting idea. I'd love to see it developed further - possibly different enemies or a story that leads to the infection. Well done!

  • Fixed a bug that permits you to grow up your score after die.

    Also, uploaded the game to!

  • When I load the game I just see the logo two buttons and when I click either one the button flies out the screen and stays there. :/ using the latest version of firefox.

  • Why not make it mouse controlled?

    it?s hard to turn with the keyboard now ;]

    Also, when you start a new game it starts with -15 HP and goes to the game over screen. ;]

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  • Rory I noticed some bugs with the Image button plugin in Firefox, maybe I will do the image buttons with some other method! Thanks for reporting.

    Sheepy That is a great idea! I will do some testing :)

    And for the bug, I don't know why, what explorer are you using?

  • Update 2.0

    Thanks to Sheepy I changed the game control to mouse, looks really better now!

    Fixed the Firefox button bug!

    Play Now - on my Website.

    Play Now - on



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