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  • As much as I can squeeze in with the free version of Construct2, this is what I have so far. It still has a few minor issues, but that is more eye candy then game play. Need more events for this <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink"> But so far, this should give you an idea what I want to achieve as soon I can afford the license. So, if you wanna to indie gogo.

    To play the game or view some videos of the game:

    You can also play the game at newgrounds and help me gain some exposure <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink"> ... /x/6502203

    Hope you enjoy this game.

  • Nice work.

  • The scene is awesome...

    And making this with the free version is inspire.

  • Your game is cool. It's hard. And I like hard games. But I also like when the difficulty is greatly thinked.

    We can imagine your game is a Meat Boy like, a slow motion version. The player will die a lots of time. He will be frustrated because he has to try a lot for finishing a level. So why do we have a life counter ? 3 deaths and we have to restart from scratch. Your game is very slow so (in my opinion) restarting to level 1 create too much frustration. Because you know if you loose a life a level 1 again, you can't finish the game and you will have to restart the game again (and I didn't want to do again something I've already passed).

    It's the only bad point I saw on your game. Nevertheless, it's a great game. I though it will be more nervous, but the "patience concept" is cool too.

  • Hola guys, thanks for your kind words.

    grandbrinus I can see your point, and the idea is for the full game to let you earn some level credits. I'm not gonna work with checkpoints, but what I want to achieve is that once you finish a level, you get a credit for this level. Like when you start a new game, you won't start at the beginning, but will start at the last fully finished level. I think this is a good balance with keeping the difficulty up, the frustration a bit down and not making it a walk in the park

    Anyway, thanks for your review.

    Funny about Meat Boy, didn't even considered him...this game I based on a very old Atari ST game where you are a bubble in a maze.

  • It make me thinking about Solstice, a NES game.

    It's an adventure game, you have to get pieces of your magic stick. You travel a castle. And in some rooms, you have "credits". These credits are checkpoints, but it work as credits on arcade games.

    When you lose all your lifes, you go back to the room where you found your last credit. But this credit is lost, so when you lose again, you come back in a older room etc...

    It's a strange but fun system ^^

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  • grandbrinus sounds interesting that credit system. Maybe I can implement this in my game. A one time useable credit. Let me ponder over this...

  • really nice

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