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  • Whats up guys...

    Just like to get your feedback on a new indie game I am developing.


    Take the GLOOP TROOP and go on an adventure to a WACKY planet. Explore the planet and collect resources while exterminating alien monsters for a small remuneration .

    Run, jump and use the GRAVITY BOOSTER to navigate the TROOP through the CRAZY obstacles in this EXCITING new endless running game.

    Complete the monster waves and climb your way up the HIGH SCORE ladder.

    Original game -

    Google play - ... anetrunner

    Game features:

    • 5 SUPER characters to play with
    • 6 DANGEROUS monsters to exterminate
    • FUNKY music and sound
    • OFFLINE Playability is used for the high score system

  • It gets boring and i have seen the tiles to many times in other games

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  • Pretty fun game, and good art!

    It's solid.

    My only criticisms are:

    -The jump-down dash needs a cooldown. Accidentally double-dash-dying and losing 2 lives is frustrating.

    -Less jewels and more minimalist (Only with the the main collectables) and all different colors is off-putting and they are en-masse, I'm not sure with my brief playthrough if it's possible to collect them all.

    You can imagine a scenario where the player collects them all in a row but one. Well, I was perfect enough but my very slight direction made me miss that one out of fifteen that were on screen.

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