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  • I've recently completed a small game called Impossible Pong. I'm looking for some feedback on how to make the game better- along with any bugs that have been found.

    You can play the game here!

    [quote:1e2igngo]Impossible Pong is a survival game that pits you against an AI whose fed up with always losing to you. Maneuver your trusty paddle and keep that ball in play to avoid losing! How long can you survive?



    Old school Gameboy feel

    Chiptune Soundtrack (Available for download here)

    Crazy special events that change game play


    Any and all feedback is appreciated!

    Edit: Updated to version 1.1.0. NOW WITH MOUSE CONTROLS!

    Edit 2: Updated to version 1.1.2! Adjustments to specials and UI

  • Yep! It's impossible! xD


  • How long did you survive Sol?

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  • About 2 minutes haha. My score was about 300 or so. Tried 3 times and go to about the same score each time. Would be nice if the paddle could be controlled by moving mouse up and down as well


  • I found what I assume is a bug (and if not, it seems rather unusual). I hit the star and spawned the second, darker ball, and then ended up losing the main ball. I was able to continue playing with the second ball, but the "Click the player paddle to start" message popped up again.

    Aside from that, it seems quite fun overall. I have a couple of small, almost nitpick-y suggestions.

    -The "Lives:" text is slightly lower than the "Score:". Any chance you could put them on the same Y coordinate?

    -Perhaps lighten the palette of the darker ball that I had previously mentioned (or if you're trying to keep that authentic GB feeling, change the palette to match the main ball). It's a bit hard to see on the background.

    Hope that helps.

  • I'll get right on those!

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