Immune System, 2 hour prototype

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  • In preparation for the Ludum Dare 26 jam, Tobye and I decided to work on a short, 2-hour sprint collab to see how our workflows mixed together.

    After browsing through the possible LD26 themes, I chose 'Beneath the Surface' and we immediately set out on coming up with an idea for a game. Taken literally, I was thinking of some kind of mining puzzle game. Psychologically, we thought a horror game might work, but we ruled that horror games are dependent on art-driven scenes, and we felt that the genre as a whole is not really suitable for a jam unless we had an artist that specialized in it.

    We settled on a game I call 'Immune System'. The idea is that there are viruses, bacteria, and white blood cells. The viruses are trying to infect the bacteria, and the player must destroy the viruses and harmful bacteria before all the bacteria becomes infected. I was also thinking of including a feature where the infected bacteria would explode and spawn more viruses if they weren't dealt with in time, but this feature was not implemented in the 2-hour sprint.

    The game is kind of playable. I did mark it up with comments after the 2 hour jam so it would be easier for others to understand. We've come to realize C2 isn't quite collaboration-friendly, so we'll be looking into a better workflow for the actual jam. (I've also realized Tobye is an RPG fanatic and likes to turn every game into a pseudo-RPG <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">)

    Here's the source in case anyone is interested in expanding upon this game and turning it into something:


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  • Ah come on, a bit of experience and levelling does not an RPG make :P Just an easy way to add some progression to the game.

    But yeah, I am trying to find a better way to handle the collaboration, nothing so far seems to be working. The need to re-add variables to the main file like that was really hard to work with.

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