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  • Yup!

    Here's a demo of a game i make. Some bugs inside, some sprites are missing, but feel free to give feedback.

    Stay tuned.

    Don't forget to press CTRL + F5 if you have ever try a last version.


    • add some interface for the demo
    • add "bound to layout" to the chara
    • temperature decreases with time, no more with the snow
    • add some "tips"
    • add an animation when the character fall into the ice hole
    • add the "jump-thru" to the platform
    • change some sprites


    • fix some bugs with the snow
    • add an animation when the monster die
    • To open the door when the character is in front of the door.
    • need to improve the movement of the character
    • problem with the "jump-thru" when a platform overlaps another platform
  • MMMhhh... the idea is good but:

    I can count the pixels with my 2 hands XD

    That's, even for oldskool games, to less pixels.

    I remember the Commodore 64 had more pixels on screen at one time.

    Some things i also found:

    ? The holes are bottomless and you have to refresh the browser

    ? The door does not open (I guess the demo is just that short :)

    The idea with the freezing is great and gives a reason to hurry. This could become a good game.

  • Ahah yeah I love pixels, and I love minimalist rendering!

    I'm aware that currently this is a very limited demo, but I also opened this topic to motivate me, and see the progress and list the problems!

    Thank you for your opinion !

  • I don't like sitting in the bottom of a hole waiting to freeze to death...

  • Nice demo, like the style of the artwork :)

    I noticed some glitches due to animating the object with the platform movement - you might get better results using an invisible rectangle sprite for movement.

  • Thanks Ashley for the compliments!

    I just fix the problem with the platform movement with using the invisble rectangle sprite.

    I added "jump-thru" to the platform and deleted the "solid" behaviours, that works great, exept when a platform overlaps another platform, any ideas ?

    Check the link on the head of the topic for the update.

  • Hell yeah! A hot cup of coffee for a cold day is the best XD

    About the jump-thru problem, hope Ashley can do something about this.

  • I personally love the style!

    Really nice work.


  • Hi Wilfryed,

    Nice start :)

    Theme is good - lol that snow beast is freaky!

    I like the minamilist style with your art, but i think your project is either too low resolution, or too far zoomed in. A bit of distance really works wonders for these type of assets. (Even the picture of your avatar looks so much better here than it does in game).

    Sword and sorcery is a really good example of this (and a great source of inspiration, but i'll bet you have already played it).

    Just my 2 cents anyway - Looking forward to seeing more of this.

  • 01lifeleft : Ahah life is a cup of tea! And well I hope I can solve this problem with the jump-tru, I'm sure it's because of my events, I've to check and fix it!

    talkinghead : Thank you, I hope that what comes next please you too!

    GenkiGenga : Hey! I really appreciate your point of view! I really expected that the whole game was in this style, this is not so much a problem of zoom or resolution :D But now that you talk to me of that, I also found my avatar prettier, I may be considered to change something in my style, but I think I can fix that later! My last attempt of making a game was made with some pixelart too (the game, and well the resolution was maybe better ...

    Yeah for sure Sword&Sworcery was a good example!

  • Some updates, check the head of the topic, now you can die and that's awsome.

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  • I liked the graphics, although I think the layout scale it?s way big than needs to be.

    There?s a bug, at beginning if you go left and go outside the layout and then comeback the character goes behind all layers.

    When you get into the ice, pressing ?A? is hard to get him alive again.

    Overall, I enjoyed the idea and the graphics. With a nice 8-bits tune it could a hit :)

  • How about a "RESTART" Button?

  • AngeloFernandes : Well I use no scale for my graphics, I just made that like that, I think that was neat! (maybe this question was just a pov). Thank you for the feedback about bugs and difficulty! And I'm sure I'll be really happy when I reach the stage of the creation of the music!

    Weishaupt : Play again, now you got your restart button!

    Check the link on the head of the topic, I just fix some bugs and make some update!

  • Think about the layoutscale :)

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