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  • This is an Action RPG game / Hack & Slash similar to that of Diablo, etc.

    Play it here at Scirra Arcade

    However this is merely a test platform which I am building and will be the basis of the real game in the near future.

    Press [ H ] in game for more information.

    Hint1: pick up flags to get some Health & Energy (make sure to grab Yellow ones)

    Hint2: ignore the item name tooltips on the flags when you mouse over it (its randomize which I plan to use later on)

    Lastly, the game was made in 1024 res and was scaled to 800x600 so I could upload it here.

    Do let me know if you have any ideas or feedback.

    Have fun slathering all them monsters & see how much points you can rake up before dying (you can stay alive forever if you are good enough though)

  • Good job man dont stop work on this idea :)

  • No monsters appeared..

    The blades jerk sometimes for a split second.

  • Jaczkulinek, Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed it.

    Rory, Press [R] to start the auto monster spawn. (it can be stopped after that by pressing [SpaceBar].

    Ya, I noticed the issue about the spinning blades jerking. Can't figure out what causes it. The blades work by being constantly positioned to a circle that is growing and shrinking every interval. The blades are rotated via rotate behavior. Tried a few other methods but all seems to cause the blades to randomly jerk.

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  • Ah olay, I'll try that when I get on my PC. I thought Space was a toggle!

  • Hehe, space is for debugging.

    Destroys all monsters, stops monster spawn (R to resume) and destroys all flags on floor too.

  • You should have a reset at the end of the level instead of asking the player to refresh xD

    Anyway, pretty cool gameplay, its a very simple idea and the execution could be better in some ways. Overall, decent game.

    In your final project, I suggest you streamline the use of controls more.

    I also encountered a bug which make my mouse detection off.

    Are you using Mouse.AbsoluteX and Mouse.AbsoluteY?

  • Will try to script that in once I have time to spare from my current game hehe...

    The mouse click movement issue is due to the game being scaled to 800x600.

    Clicking on the bottom and right side of the screen towards the border causes movement issues too.

    Even the death laser goes out of screen which should not as it is locked to where the mouse is within layout.

    Tested on 1024x768, it all works fine (except for humping blades <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Ya, controls are simple as I was just testing around.

    For player movement,

    • an invisible sprite is locked to mouse cursor
    • on left click, crosshair is created on mouse cursor (invis sprite)
    • player is set to move to crosshair
    • there is a variable to allows only 1 crosshair to be made and to lock player movement to the crosshair.

    A was a simple idea and it worked then <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Had a couple of hours of free time at hand so I updated the test game with a 2 new spells & some fixes for 800x600 version.

    Press [ H ] ingame for more information.

    *new version just uploaded, so it should be playable shortly after it is approved.

    enjoy :)

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