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  • Hi everybody!

    I'm Nicklas Nyström, a programmer from northern Sweden. I love making games: or rather, I love to start working on a new game, but I suck tremendously at finishing my projects. Now, however, I've finally finished something (yaay!). It's a retro style space shooter, and you can play it here:

    It works on both computers and smartphones. The music was made by my friend Niklas Karvonen, the rest was made by me.

    Have fun playing, and please tell me what you think!

  • Cool game, always keen for some good ol space shooter

    But man the allergic piggy is hard to pass haha

    The gameplay is pretty solid, maybe just some minor visual tweaks

    -the dialog font doesn't look very retro

    -smoke behind the ship could look more "space-y"

    -water "splash" near water would be nice

  • Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

    I've been meaning to update the dialogs to use the same font as the intro text, so that's on its way. I'll also see if I can do some cool changes to the particle effects.

    Again, thanks

  • No worries was kinda bad luck no to get a reply on your first post

    Yeah what I meant is that it looks more like the ship is burning, or something like a shitty old car (from earth)

    Here is some inspiration for retro water splash in c2

    And yeah I still haven't passed the pig lol

  • Just finished your game, it was really cool

  • Thanks! Guess I need to make it a bit longer. And much, much harder

  • I found your game excellent fun and I especially liked your use of pixel art. However I did feel that the Phase power recharged very fast, although saying that I didn't player any of the later levels. But overall it was a great game.

  • Glad you liked it! Well, as the game progresses you'll need to start using the phase power more sparingly. I didn't want the first few levels to be too difficult (although maybe they should be, considering how short the game is). What did you guys think, was it too easy or too difficult?

  • it's really cool Nirivonsiri

  • Nirivonsiri I thought it was a bit too easy considering it's length but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • I enjoyed this game and it was quite well done. Is there a desktop version available?

  • very cool

  • Thanks a lot, Marius87! Cryptwalker, there's currently not a desktop version, but maybe I should publish one?

    Anyway, I've updated the game in several ways: There are a couple of new sound effects and particle effects, and I've fixed some game breaking bugs. Play it here:

  • Very cool game!

    Gameplay, gfx, menu, introduction , controls - everything works/looks like charm!

    The only thing i would ask is to reduce the sound of the textbox by ~50%?

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  • Really really cool. Maybe you can tell me how did you made the Animation at the start. I mean the intro.

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