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    Hello All,

    My game is called Hungry Lizard and is currently in the HBGames Construct 2 contest.

    You'e a lizard and you need to eat as many bugs as possible before time runs out. Some bugs give points and health others burn, electrocute, or chase you around and try to sting you. The artwork is all me and the music is provided by Kevin MaCleod.

    If you have the time please, give it a go and if you like it please, vote for me. Thank you and enjoy.

    <center>Click to Play Hungry Lizard...He's Starving & Needs Your Help</center>

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  • Cool game man. I liked it. I can see the hard work! Knowing that you made the graphics yourself. WOW. Good luck for your studies man.

    I'm just a little curious. How many levels did you make ? In addition, I don't know if it's a bug, but I couldn't eat the ladybugs. Apart from that, really nice game. Good job. By the way, feel free to try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

  • There's been some confusion about the lady bugs in my game. You cannot eat them. Lady bugs spawn when you reach a certain amount of points(125, 400, etc...). When they're on the screen all "bad" bugs disappear until the Lady Bug exits the screen. This gives you some "extra time" to gather more points and spawn another Lady Bug.

       Also, play through all the rounds(there are 6 of them) and you'll encounter other things. For instance. somewhere around round 3 Lily Flowers will start to descend from the top of the screen. Their purpose is to get in your way and make it more difficult to eat the bugs(you can push them out of the way with your tongue).

       Mosquitoes show up around round 4 or 5 and will spawn at the furthest point away from the lizard. Mosquitoes will follow the lizard around the screen until either you eat them or they sting you.

       Thanks again for playing.

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