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  • this is just the basic tutorial game i have expanded... most graphics are default ones but its just for educational purpose... can you tell me how u like it?

    also when i export this file in html it works on pc browsers but doesnt work on my droid(galaxy s2)

    just get a blank screen... same when i convert it to apk using phonegap export...

    <a href="">The Game</a>

  • The Game

  • move with arrow keys

    or WSAD

    shoot and aim with mouse

    left click to shoot...

    once you have a power up right click for red laser

    hold space for flamethrower(limited)

    pick up flares to get points and flame ammo

    and dont let the soldiers die or ull lose points...

  • kinda hard to play the soldiers are hard to spot...

  • Honestly, it has far to go. Depends on if your goal is to one day make a commercially sellable game or not. If you do then it needs to be good. And there are lots of good genre games that have been successful out there, to get ideas from. Look into all of the online write ups on what makes a game addictive and what age group to target and so on.

    If you need ideas you can fake it by doing what other successful games do, just make sure all of the graphics etc, are original.

  • Thank you very much for sharing your game to the community. I hope to share one of mine soon too, so that you can bag on me too, hehe.

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  • Kastenessen

    i know it has a long way to go... im jst expandng this game to learn more about construct2 and its features... not gonna make it commercial... atleast not without my own textures and more levels and gameplay mechanics...

    but thanks for the feedback

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