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  • Hello,

    I have been casually working on this game over the past few months. It's now to a point where I believe it's fairly playable, though by no means even close to finished, and I am interested in receiving feedback (harsh criticism welcome if you feel so inclined.) If you have a few moments I would be very grateful for any input that may help me improve the game.

    Here is the Dropbox link: Hoverman! On Dropbox

    Thanks in advance!


  • Bro the physics are seriously messed up. You pretty much lose any level if you hit any platform since it sends you spiraling out of control. Also sometimes when you land the character kind of...falls to side so that the hove is to the right or left instead of up, and there is no way to get back to normal.

    If this is intentional then I have to say it's not very fun to be honest. Add an ability to at least kind of recover when under or over shooting a landing.

  • I appreciate the input!

    It's meant to be difficult, but not unplayable. I have a hard time determining the difficulty myself since I've played it enough that none of the levels are much of a problem for me at this point.

    Thanks for checking it out.


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  • Also there are ways to correct the character once he is on his side. The character can actually slide very slowly without the use of his "hover" rockets, so you can slide off of an edge to where your jets are facing downward and then fire them and push yourself against a wall to regain stability.

    There are some intricacies to the controls that are not immediately apparent, I am considering doing some sort of in-depth tutorial to help players realize the different ways to salvage certain situations that seem impossible to overcome.


  • Not to spam my own thread but here are a few control tips:

    If you need to land, use your thrust to land softly. If you land hard, you'll flip sideways.

    When you start tilting while on the ground (a botched landing) you can sometimes salvage it by pushing in the opposite direction to balance your character back to his resting position.

    Use very minor adjustments on the left and right movement, if you gain too much momentum you're toast.

    Don't just hold down hover, you'll have to use it in bursts to maintain controllable flight. Also once you are moving in a direction, you can quit pushing in that direction and just worry about your up and down movement and the character will float along with the momentum applied.

    Hopefully this helps, I'd love to hear some more feedback from other people if anyone has the time to check it out!



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