Hoppu is Available on Android, Blackberry :)

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  • HOPPU - The Game!


    • Challenging as well as addictive! -- LifeHacker
    • If you like Skiing Fred and Despicable Me: Minion Rush, then you will like Hoppu! -- BerryReviews
    • Fills you with levels of exponentially increasing difficulty and challenging obstacles. -- AnimationXpress

    About the Game:

    Hoppu, is a real fun yet tough arcade skill jump game.

    A penguin you are, and you NEED the Golden Fish!

    Besides the icy death spikes, other animals from North and South pole have teamed up against you!

    You have a bear, who wanted to be a Footballer.

    You have a seal, who wanted to be a Baseball player.

    You have a Whale, ... well someone told him he's re-incarnation of Orca, the killer whale!

    Can you overcome all the obstacles and YET collect all Golden Fish?

    ? 30 levels of hair pulling challenge. Get 3 fish everytime, Can you?

    ? TOUGH... only a rare few can finish this game.

    ? HighScore by your skill.

    ? Simple Controls - Just tap

    ? Meet weird characters from the poles

    ? Super fun - so share with your friends and see if they can do it!

    Our facebook page - https://facebook.com/HoppuTheGame

    Wishing co-C2 users to play our game and leave us feedback on googleplay or blackberry world (whatever you own)

    iOS release coming soon

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  • Blackberry Z device users have a special access to unlock all levels of "Hoppu" and be able to play through any of the 30 levels at their wish

    Hoping I can get this done soon for other devices and platforms.

  • For a LIMITED period of time, the price of UNLOCKING ALL LEVELS of Hoppu has been reduced to just under $1.

    This is for Blackberry Users.

    Do avail this offer before it goes back to being double or triple the current cost.

  • How did you make leadbolt advertisement? Btw nice game but too hard

  • How did you make leadbolt advertisement? Btw nice game but too hard

    Hehe thanks

    LeadBolt ad can be done using pode's iframe plugin. Search for that plugin in forums and set its url to to your leadbolt ad urls.

  • Guys, Hoppu has been updated to 1.0.6!

    Android users please update

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