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  • Hi!

    Home was born from not having clear which things I was making, feeling like I haven´t accomplished many things when maybe it wasn´t that way.

    It works like this: you have and idea, something you have archieved, a thought, whatever, so you write it down in Home, then, a list with your last ideas (for now 26 spaces, trying to decide how much you can store) is available to check and clear your mind with what was going on in that moment and its up to you if you can make a string of thoughts to become more productive or creative. This is just a little help.

    It is designed to be used with touch phones and for iphone 5 resolution.

    Of course there is much to improve, so please send feedback, it´ll be awesome.

    It´s a simple app, it works for me so I really hope it can be useful to you.


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