Holiday Trouble - casual HTML5 / Android game

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  • Hello,

    i'd like to share my new game for you, it's of course made with Construct 2, the best game engine around.

    Android version is build with Intel XDK and it uses ads.

    * Holiday trouble is skill based game, that tests your coordination and speed.

    * Designed to play on both mobile and desktop browsers.

    * Native Android version available too.

    * Three stars rating system.

    * Great graphics.

    Play it online here :


    Get android version :

    Have a nice day

  • Nice project, congrats on pulling it off!

    The art is of course to pick your battles wisely, but personally I would have loved a bit more polish, you know, all the bells and whistles, like some more animation and visual reward. But like I said, its only by setting the right scope that you get to finish and release anything, so well done and best of luck with the game!

  • Hello facecrime, thanks for trying my game out and for your valuable feedback .

    This was my fourth html5 game and it's ongoing learning process, art is one area, that needs improvement for sure.

    I can't do art myself and so far i haven't invest lot of money for it and it shows in places. And final polish for game is something that has always room for improvement, but you have to decide at somepoint, that i'v done my best and put the game out.

    Thanks again and have a good day.

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  • Hi I played your "Holiday Trouble" game and I love it! I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with you when you have a moment. Please message me back. Thanks!

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