Hippo's Game (Platformer w/ light combat)

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  • Hello there and thanks for checking out my project!

    I'm making a side-scrolling platform game for my wife, who absolutely loves her stuffed Hippo.

    Here's a picture of him in action at the workplace:

    <img src="http://backitch.webuda.com/Hippo.jpg" border="0">

    He gets into all sorts of trouble! This game will be about him striking back at thing things that bother him.

    Here's a link to the game itself:


    Here's a list of completed features:

    • Double-jump
    • Two aerial attacks
    • 3-hit combo attack
    • Dash attack
    • Swimming in lava and water
    • Two place-holder enemies
    • Basic health-bars
    • Simple parallax scrolling background

    Features I intend to add:

    • Animations
    • Sounds and music
    • More unique enemies + AI
    • Health pick-ups
    • Coin pick-ups
    • More levels
    • Snow + rain effects

    Please give it a try and let me know if there's any errors or if you have any ideas for things I can add! This is my first game and I've very interested to hear what comments you may have.

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  • Very cool! I like the basic mechanics a lot.

    Mechanics-wise, it would be cool to see some more things that make use of the hippos weight. With both the platforming physics and the effects you clearly draw a lot of attention to it, but there doesn't seem to be any actual stomping on enemies or affecting things by squishing them. In fact, the combat seems almost the opposite of that, lots of aerial attacks and movement. it might be more cohesive if those two things were brought a little more into line with each other.

    It would be nice if the level gave a bit more of a goal, like a clear path and victory condition. I think I just ended up wandering right until I fell off the screen. I imagine that's in the works though.

    In general, it seems like a great start. Hope you continue working on it!

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