The Hero's Journey (or get the treasure and run)

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  • The Hero's Journey (or get the treasure and run) - Ludum Dare #27 Entry

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    "The Hero's Journey (or get the treasure and run)" is a platform game which tries to be fun and somehow educational at the same time. It's a very basic representation of Joseph Campbell's "Monomyth"; if you don't know what this is you'll find out playing the game.

    In the game you must get to the treasure chest and then keep running until you get to the beginning again. You'll repeat this task a few times but the stage changes.

    The game features three game modes (easy, normal and endless). It's designed to be easy so, from my point of view, most players shouldn't have any problems when playing on endless (which is the hardest).

    Instructions: (they are included in the game) Arrow keys to move and "X" to jump.

    NOTE: Desktop version is recommended

    Includes nerdy references!

    P.D.: I was too tired to focus on fixing the crappy collisions.

    Ludum Dare Entry

    Web Version

  • Nice entry! I really like the way the levels rotate around seamlessly

  • I'm getting a 404 error when I try to run the web version.

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  • Yeah, sorry for the 404 error, my bad, it's the link what is not working(don't know why). Try playing the web version from the Ludum Dare website.

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