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  • Hey everyone! I posted this to the Kickstarter section on the forums, but it appears that might not be super active right now, so I thought I would post this here just in case.

    I'm currently working on my own game that's also built in Construct 2, so I thought of course that people here might like to see it!

    Sword �N� Board is a top down adventure game thats retro inspired with focus on exploration and puzzle solving!

    In Sword 'N' Board you play as Sidd, a kid with an active imagination! You will battle your way through imaginary enemies, cardboard forests, dark pillow fort dungeons and solve challenging puzzles in order to find the pieces of your lost video game console!

    Currently there is an active Kickstarter for Sword �N� Board that�s available for backers, as well as a playable demo!

    You can find the Kickstarter here:

    And you can find the PC demo here:

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Robert Busey

  • Looks great! I love the concept of an 'imaginary' RPG, and the bright colors and art style really reflect that playful nature.

    Best of luck!

  • SwordNBoard,

    i love the personal nature of why you are making this game. it makes gaming, the pursuit of it, and the love of it, even more real, for those of us who have been through similar experiences.

    gaming can bring your through hard times, and make you stronger on the other side.

    i will definitely back you sir.

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  • SwordNBoard,

    Your game looks really great, I love the animation style! And the concept of a child with an active imagination is fantastic. It opens up so many possibilities (if you can imagine it, you can create it).

    The concept also reflects the child-like imagination and creativity a good developer needs, in order to make fun, exciting, and innovative games.

    After all, who doesn't still love sitting down to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning, or helping their kids to build a fort. My daughter usually gets bored with these games long before I do. But I still keep telling everyone, I'm only playing for her sake ;)

    Anyway, I hope it does really well!

  • I pledged. I enjoy the quality of your assets and work thus far and your reasoning/inspiration behind it has to hit home for some people. Keep it up and I hope you exceed your goals!

  • Wow, thanks guys, for all the kind words and the pledges!

    I've been off doing anything and everything I can to get the word out about the Kickstarter and didn't plan on seeing so many awesome replies when I came back here, so thank you for that!

    It's definitely been an interesting experience to say the least, but the support has been amazing.

    I can definitely relate Blacksmith, with making forts with my little brother (we have a 17 year age difference so he just turned 13) and I think I have as much fun as he does building forts and things. That's also why when you look at the dungeon entrances, at least some of them they are made of pillows, couch cushions and blankets (while the actual dungeon is basically in his head).

    The idea came from things I used to do when I was little, I lived without power for several years (its a long and depressing story) and it was after I was already addicted to gaming, so I had to find my own way to deal with it, and that was how I escaped. So it's really kind of nice to go back to this world I used as a kid and escape again and also try and bring other people with me.

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