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  • Hi, I am new to this forum.

    Been looking at C2 for about a year now, and finally made the buy yesterday.

    Here is the project I made mostly in the free edition.

    <img src="http://warlocks-reign.com/games/construct2-prototype/example.png" border="0">


    Controls are:

    A and D move left and right

    Shift + A or D to run

    Space to jump

    Shift-space to high jump.

    The character and the animations are all about a month old, and all done in Blender, and rendered with a orthographic camera.

    The trees and terrain are all the pre-rendered as well..

    The backdrop is just 2 32x32 gradients for the sky and water. The trees in the distance where all rendered in blender, and blurred in GIMP.

    The entire project took 2 days. (except the animations.)

    I have the character model UV mapped to the same layout as the Minecraft player models.

    I am really liking Construct 2's logic system. I have been using blender's logic bricks for about 5 years now, and I find C2's really refreshing.

    I love being able to pick out icons of the actual objects. In blender I need to remmember property names, and object names.

    The Physics are top notch too. I am really happy with my purchase.

    Going to abandon this project now, so i can get a real plan on how I want my game to play, and the artwork to look.

    I will be publishing a 2d character / animation studio pluglin for Blender very soon, so you guys can make some really fast sprite strips.

    2d Flat, Isometric, 3d shaded, camera modes.

    Toon, Pixelated Toon, Ugly-retro, and a few other material shaders will be included so you can get your desired look, really fast 8)

    WEll, anyway, you guys are going to be seeing a lot of me in the next few weeks, I am absorbing this logic system at record speed.

    This is an awesome product.

    Hello Forum! I am JoJoe! from Hawaii USA.

  • Hey Jojoe, welcome to the forums :) Nice job for first project, wish you good luck with C2! And see you around :)

  • Welcome to the forums! I use Blender a lot too - in fact it was the BGE that got me into games dev to begin with.

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  • Don't know how it plays but it looks great, wish I had that talent.

  • Hey thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Sorry for the delayed responce, I have had some major downtime.

    Everything is fixed now.

  • I liked these landscape graphics, did you render 3d objects from 3D editor software and export frames?

  • Hello Joannesalfa!

    Yes, I used a Blender, and open source 3d package.

    Sculpting make the landscape a really easy task, it only took me about 2 hours to do everything you see.

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