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  • First, I'd like to thank the Construct 2 team for making an awesome development kit that was critical to not only helping me make my first ever game, but also getting that game on to iOS.

    So I'd never made anything before in my life and decided it was time to have a go. I decided to make a simple arcade game where score is the goal, so came up with Heartfall. The gameplay is simple, you move left and right whilst avoiding bad things and collecting hearts. Every 25 hearts you collect causes the level to change, cycling through three levels before beginning again.

    Each time the levels start again, though, there is a loop modifier that increases the speed of the enemies making the game get harder and harder as you go on.

    There is also a multiplier modifier in the game where collecting hearts without missing any will make scoring higher, but miss a heart and the modifier goes back to 1.

    I also added Game Center support for high scores and there are 3 achievements, too.

    Please have a go! You can find it by just searching for Heartfall on the App Store, either on your iPhone/iPad or in iTunes.

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  • Looks awesome

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