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  • Hi!

    Just finished my first game GateKeepers: http://www.head2headarcade.com/arcade/gatekeepers/,

    for my 2 player portal: http://www.head2headarcade.com/

    I have another game coming next week, and a loooong list of interesting 2 player games planned.

    I personally love 2 player games, and thought HTML5 would be the ideal platform for these type of games.

    Now that "everyone" have a tablet, I think this might be a promising idea (unless I'm the only one left in the world who loves 2 player games).

    Any thoughts/feedback?

  • Simple game idea, but well presented - looks quite professional. Seems like could be fun for two players.

    But, obviously the classic pong formula only lasts so long. You could introduce something else, like, say powerups that spawn in the middle and whoever taps them first gets them or, for example, each bounce earns you some points that you can spend, for example, on units that march toward the enemy fortress (like throwing some tower defense in there).

    That flag animation is nice and adds some life to the background, you could also add concerned little people popping up every once in a while in the main window or towers - funny AND distracting.

  • Somebody

    Thanks for the feedback:)

    Great ideas. I will definitively add some of them. Yes, the game is a bit simple right now, but I just wanted to do a test project. Will update it in the future.

    But first I have to finish the next game.

    Did the game run smoothly? And did the sounds and music load?

    And what device did you test it on? (sorry about all the questions).

  • Well, I tried it on a PC and, of course, there it was very smooth and everything worked. My tablet of choice doesn't support WebGL in Chrome so will have a look on that, see how it fares.

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  • ping pong ai


    I think with this capx you could create player against computer mode. Maybe it is possible to influence the ping pong ai.

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