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The concept is running and jump to avoid the obstacle on the road until you can catch your lovely lady.
  • I published my old game Haunted Mini Golf at Newgrounds... my first Construct 2 project! And one of the few game projects I actually sort of completed!



  • lol playin golf on a graveyard ,


    nice work

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  • I like this game.

  • Thanks! It's only getting 2 stars right now I think because the first level is too hard. Gotta let em in easy.

  • I love this game! You did a great job.

  • Well, my son and I got through all the levels in the game and I have to say you made a great game. It's quite addicting. The last level, with the cauldron, was by far the hardest and took some time but we made it through. I don't know why it's only rated at two stars because it is an excellent game with a cool feel. I think the players on that site are just not playing past the first level. Thanks and great job.

  • Love it!!! Great atmosphere. I managed to finish all levels.

    I think you could improve the gameplay by making it always aim even before you click, so that clicking only focuses on the power. That way you could focus first on aiming, then on power, which would give you more control.

    Another alternative would be to make it Angry Birds-like, so that you "pull" (click and drag on the ball) to aim and shoot, and the further away you pull, the harder you shoot. This would also work with touch.

    Although the graphics were great, it was a bit hard on some levels to know where to go and to identify obstacles and their hitboxes. So it was a bit hard to use the environment to your advantage, which could be something to keep in mind in future level design.

    Other than that, really good job! I think it would make a great mobile game.

  • Ooo that's a good idea! I may keep the pointer alive before you touch or click in the next go-round.

    Thanks so much! it's great to hear people playing through the levels! I'd like to make more.. I actually tried a "drag" thing at first, but the problem is if your ball is by the edge of the screen you can't drag it back enough.

    Also I want to implement "hills" but I'm trying to figure out how to have objects that act as physics pushers or pullers.

  • Really enjoyable game! Haha now I got that tune stuck in my head. I agree that it would be easier if it was click once for aim than another for power. Really fun game!

  • I changed the game mechanic to click and hold down for aiming and power, then click again to shoot. It was impossible to do timed shots otherwise so too hard! It's much better now.

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