I Hate Pigeons

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  • Accidentally posted this one in CC forum; it's a short project made for the 0h game jam. It's in pretty rough shape, but, heck, it's only an hour's work


  • That is actually quite fun. Maybe the pigeon and plane concept is a bit of a stretch. A knight and zombies perhaps?

  • czar You should check out Hammerfight, same basic swinging mechanic, it was the big inspiration for this game. Though I'm not quite sure what you mean by it being "a stretch". Granted attaching a morningstar to a propeller plane IS pretty odd. I'd like to expand it, maybe with a new fiction, but that fiction will never be anything with zombies.

  • You've got a good prototype on your hands here. Personally, I'd keep the narrative as its completely ridiculous and can then allow for more over-the-top content. Nothing says fun like planes, maces, feathers, and blood. There are all sorts of ways that you could extend this into a full game. For an hour long jam, you developed an interesting concept. Keep at it, I hope to see it in the AppStore some day :) (mobile would make the swing mechanic interesting given the use of gyros!!)

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  • brent_hamel This on a mobile device is a REALLY cool idea! I'll definitely have to experiment with that mechanic. Glad you like the narrative, ridiculous is definitely something I'm a fan of. What do you think of crazy Frog-Fraction-style upgrades?

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