Harder than Flappy Bird !

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  • Hi everyone, I just made a hard fan-made arcade game called Skippy Fish ! Don't be misled by the name : its only one similarity with Flappy Bird is its difficulty.

    I would be glad if you could take a look at it and tell me what you think about this game !

    It's available on Google Play.


  • i cant find it on google play. may be my device is not suitable. can u posta direct link?

  • I had to post the link with quote as I haven't enough Rep to post a URL link directly ...

  • sorry but its not harder than flappy bird. i made 17 first time i play it. On flappy bird you cannot even do 3 on first try.

    + on flappy bird everything is under "your" control. u die becouse of your own mistake. Thats why people obsessed that much to achieve something on this.

    on your game you just jump and hope you are lucky. So where theres only "luck" challenge is not there.

  • Thanks for your opinion. I agree, for the time being it's rather a game of chance. Yet, there is also a part of dexterity as you can stop the jump whenever you want. I think about adding some kind of arrows just before crabs or harpoons arrive on the screen but I fear the gameplay would be too easy after that.

  • i may suggest

    increase the time object spawns dramatically. reduce jumps speed a bit but allow users cotinue jump from where it is like on flappy bird so we can do movement manuevers to achive a hit and avoid objects.

    changing background to underwater suits better with my idea

    oops isnt that flappy bird again? sorry

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  • Difficult!!!

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