Happy Paci - An alpaca story (Cocoon)

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    Paci is a happy alpaca living on a fancy farm with a lot of other animals. However some of the newborns like to play at the barn's roof. Paci have told them a milion time to stay on the ground, but they just ignored him.

    Now it's Paci's duty to have a look on the newborns, and whenever a baby falls down, to bring it safely to the ground. Thanks god Paci is soooo fluffy, he doesn't hurt the babies.

    Do you want to help paci? Start playing Happy Paci now for free!


    iTunes: Happy Paci

    Google Play: Happy Paci




    » Colourful graphics

    » Easy to play, but challenging

    » Increase of speed

    » Funny and cute sounds

    » Play in day, dawn and night ambient!

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    » twitter.com/TreshaBox

    Attributions & Credits

    Music by Ozzed from Ozzed.net; title "I Like Jump Rope"

    Thanks for the music

  • I like Alpaca's! And I like the graphics in you game.

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  • I like Alpaca's! And I like the graphics in you game.

    Thank you very much for your feedback

    I'm glad you like it!

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