1 hand edit. 8x8 animation and sprite creation.

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  • <img src="https://photos-4.dropbox.com/t/0/AAA9GR9ooEO2kkZZPjqDprKk4HxZRNaxUZ0qTrFgbFWsaQ/12/1660874/png/2048x1536/3/1378422000/0/2/thumb.png/ne2sn4CiYiy417lEpyyNl_9W9XcEsZ5nqLgEYKe-ycc" border="0" />

    1 Hand Edit is a small bitmap editor (.png) / animation application. Most of the tools are controlled by the mouse without the need to touch the keyboard, or switch tools. Select, draw, move, delete, darken/lighten, and color changing are always available with a simple click or mouse gesture.


    Non-destructible pixels. In draw mode you can not paint over an existing pixel by simply clicking on them. This safeguards from accidentally painting over existing pixels. (to replace a pixel with the palette color just right click to delete the pixel and left click to draw the new pixel with current color.)

    Drag-n-Drop Pixels make the animation transitions from frame to frame really fast.

    Quick shading with the mouse wheel- Any selection can be brightened or darkened by simply rolling the mouse wheel.

    Tool pallet that stays out of the way. Move the mouse to the edge of the screen to see it.

    Tiny, only takes up a tiny bit of your desktop.

    10 quick load/save slots with Thumbnail preview. View your entire animation while you work. No shuffling windows and toolbars around. Everything you need to see is right in front of you.

    Drag and drop save. This was originally a workaround, but I thought it was a really minimalistic after using it for a while. I like it much more than the HUGE windows open and save dialog. Most of the time I have a folder already made before I start my animation. Control-S, Drag-n-drop, f-2, type in file name.



    Overview Video:


    Quick animation:


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  • 2.0 Update Bump. Re-wrote the first post with new files and videos!

    This is a complete re-write! It is very user friendly now.

    If you want to try a web version, I put it in the Scirra Arcade in the example section:


    I am getting some new web hosting, I will post a working web version as soon as I get my new domain registered.

  • Quick animation:


    I can't watch the animation, the video is private.

    Anyway nice tool you develop there.

  • alextro, Thank you :)

    Video is fixed, and I updated with a Circle select, just hold shift MMB.

    There is also a animation viewer I made, you can get it here:


    The drag and drop does not work, but everything else does, just clik the blue disk to load the folder your animation is in to view it :)

    The updated file cane be downloaded here:


    I will try ti integrate the animation view later tonight :)

    Thanks again alextro! :)

  • Impressive work and you will do an update tonight, will you?

    That's fast

    Do you restrict the size only to 8x8 pixel?

    No I am not asking feature, just curious

  • alextro,

    Thanks! I am trying to get the sprite viewer to launch from inside the editor. If i get that finished there will be another update. It will cut down on the 2 package sizes because they will share the same DLL and asset package. It should cut the download in half, and Keep everything in one tidy little package :)

    It is 8x8 because that was the specs for the game i am planning. 8x8 maximum for the body, and 8x8 maximum for the head. I put them together in-game.

    The next full version will actually be the matrix editor I am working on . I am including a small animation module, so modders for my next games will only need to learn 1 application.

    The matrix editor is to make little houses and dungeons that will be randomly generated around the map. The houses and dungeons will consist of pre-made room's (matrices) that will be glued together semi-randomly.

    There will be Solid walls, a Background drawing tool for floors and terrain. A light tool for adding lighting sprites, and light effects, and a tool for adding "prop" tiles. And yet another tool for AI pathnodes.

    For making the animated characters the user will just need to select a solid texture, and color, and click the animator button to see the frames, and the animation viewer.

    The grid can be set all the way up to 32x32, and the new selection tools will make animating large sprite a lot easier.

    Hope to have this ready sometime next week. I have the solid tiles all in there, and drawing. I have a Themeable GUI, just middle mouse button to change, and auto-save the Theme for you.

    here is a peek:

    <img src="https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AADgCHZlVM-9-OmOKL6Xvrz_KHLugdhgVKbKpEm6_GRWQw/12/1660874/png/1024x768/3/1378807200/0/2/MapEdit.png/ud8SRyzsURJmzf49Ck4yZ-edcCX0_GJqcM_De2YqiPo" border="0" /><img src="https://photos-3.dropbox.com/t/0/AADgCHZlVM-9-OmOKL6Xvrz_KHLugdhgVKbKpEm6_GRWQw/12/1660874/png/1024x768/3/1378807200/0/2/MapEdit.png/ud8SRyzsURJmzf49Ck4yZ-edcCX0_GJqcM_De2YqiPo" border="0" />

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