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  • <img src="http://www.loot-corp.com/hamstarok/screenshots/hamsta_logo_s.png" border="0" />

    Hello everyone !

    I'm very glad to present you the game I'm currently working on,

    since two weeks.

    I heard a lot of good things about Construct 2,

    so I decided to give it a shot and I'm not disappointed.

    For the moment, I have a great time learning C2.

    I still have a lot to learn, though.

    Anyway, I finally have a playable version of my game, an endless runner/platformer/hack and slash.

    For the moment, I only implemented the basic mechanic, but I think it gives a pretty good idea of the core gameplay. I'm planning to add light RPG features. And some more traps and enemies.

    This version is not very well balanced, but the challenge is definitely there :)

    <img src="http://www.loot-corp.com/hamstarok/screenshots/hamstarok_01.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://www.loot-corp.com/hamstarok/screenshots/hamstarok_02.png" border="0" />


    Browser - Chrome strongly recommended


    It needs a lot of optimization.

    It's kind of heavy, sorry for that.

    Still working on that.



    Unrar, install dxwebtup, and launch Hamstarok.exe


    Move left/right : Left/Right arrows

    Jump : Up arrow

    Double Jump : Jump in mid air

    X : basic attack

    Meteor Attack : Double jump, then, on fall, X+down arrow

    The Meteor attack is not that useful, but it will be once the enemies will have health bar and armors.

    Tips :

    Try not to move to far on the right. Try to stay on the left/center of the screen.

    Beware of the tunnels, the enemies are less apparent.

    Try to stay on top of the tunnels as much as possible.

    With some practice you will be able to change direction during a jump.

    I hope you'll enjoy this !

    Comments, suggestions, feedbacks are welcome !

    Hamstar?k on Facebook :


  • I can't find a link to the game but I saw the video : Waaaooooo!

    It's really beautiful and polish!

    The spheric horizon reminds me of VanillaWare games. :)

    (Is it just a webGl Shader?)

    Perhaps this effect will make sick some players but it works fine.

    Anyway Congratulations!

  • Thanks, KaMiZoTo !!

    Odin Sphere is actually one of my favourite game! :)

    I should have mentionned that it can cause some dizziness to some players,

    after playing too long, you can actually feel that everything move around you. ( which I think is cool :) )

    I realized that I didn't have enough credential to post hyperlinks, so I edited the links. Sorry for that :)

  • Tested. That's very good. The music is good too. (composed by you?)

    Everything is twirling around me now! :D

    The game is nor too easy nether too difficult. I also love your art style, very professional.

    Two weeks from scratch? AWESOME...

    I hope you will work on an action RPG next!!!

  • gorgonzola3000, I can only congrat you.

    I love the art, it�s really impressive, and spherical movements gives the game a unique touch.

    Allthough it was very (very) difficult at the start, but once you get it, it�s really enyojable.

    One thing I�d improve is to make it a little bit faster, or maybe, make it faster and faster as you pass through levels.

    Other little detail is that, if you are on the left side of the screen, and jump to the right (or simply jump, doesn�t mind), the sleves make a little strange effect too: they go up with the screen, wich is not totally logic. It�s a really stupid small detail, but I�m like this, I�m only trying to help.

    Anyway, for me, it�s one of the most amazing games made with construct2 till now. Good work!

  • Thanks for the feedbacks ! Glad you liked it !

    That' s very motivating. The next step is actually to add more Rpg stuff, like loot, armors, stats, and craft.

    The music is a royalty free music, that I bought. The rights are affordable for free usage. But I will have to pay additional fees if I decide to make profits with the game.

    sirLobito: sorry,but my english is not very good, what do you mean by "sleves" ? I'll check that asap. Thanks!

  • sirLobito: sorry,but my english is not very good, what do you mean by "sleves" ? I'll check that asap. Thanks!

    Your english is not what is bad, it?s mine xD.

    I spelled it wrong, sorry Gorgonzola, I meant "leaves", tree leaves, hehe.

  • Hahaha, I see :)

    well, I guess this glitch is caused by the parallaxe parameters of the leaves layer. I'll correct this asap. Thanks !

  • Just a question ... What's your family name ? Is it Davinci ? Or Picasso ?

    That was my first impression ...

    That's all what I got to say ...

  • i don't know which is making me dizzier, the game, or the beautiful art 'in' the game.

    bezerker vermin everywhere would be proud.

  • The graphic really take me down, i'm stunning. Good job on the game, the most beautiful game i've ever seen around here in scirra.

  • Fantastic!! Awesome artwork. Love the character design, love the environment, very very good! And good choice in music!

    I love all the layers you created - the foreground, the floating leaves, and the levels of parallax backgrounds! Very well thought out and very cool. I like how the perspective (camera point of view) shifts when you jump - cool! Great feel to the game. Keep going!!! Don't over think it, you may only need to add levels, instead of RPG aspects.

    My only "suggestion", as a cat lover, would be to see the cats and hamster work together - maybe to fight some "evil force", like the Skeleton Army that killed the Hamster's (and cat's) owners and they are out for revenge or to rescue someone - with your art style I bet you could make something super cool. Just my 2 cents.

    It's great though and you should do what you want! lol

  • Thank you for the nice comments.

    I don't know what degree of narrative I can put in the game but,

    the idea of an alliance between cats and hamsters is actually a great idea. Maybe they could fight at some point in the end of the game against a same enemy. Never thought about that that way, as cats are like, hamsters archenemies :)

  • Very nice game, gorgonzola! The graphics are beautiful, and the game play is very smooth.

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  • Very nice graphics, the video made me feel a bit dizzy though! haha really cool stuff.

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