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    Hello! this is my new, experimental system

    Gurgosus is a hybrid between collectible playing cards and a video game console.

    On Gurgosus you can play retro games, very faithfully stylized into NES/SMS graphical style.

    All of the games look like (and work like) games released on the same system. It's really coherent, feels like an online NES emulator

    It's closer to an alternative universe, than to arcade, with its in-universe companies, depressed developers and Nintendo Power like magazines.

    What's special about the cards is that each of the cards contains an unique scanable qr code which can be loaded on site to play a game.

    I made them look like Famicom Cartridges to fit the style (they are way larger though)! Loading the games was made as "realistic" as I could. You should try it out with demo cards to see what I mean ^^

    Cards will be available in booster packs.

    There is a 4 pack and 8 pack.

    8 pack is 10% cheaper (I am saving on packaging).

    The booster pack was chosen to make game collecting more exciting. You never know what games you get!

    What is really neat, these cards can interact with each other!

    Just collect as many of them as you can - even if the card unlocks a terrible game, it may still be very useful.

    There are also some other uses planned for them in the future, like a card dex app and a few special games.

    Project is currently in beta. The final premiere is planned for January 2016.

    The cards can be bought here:

    At the official store

    Or, alternatively, you can just print some of them yourself!

    If you are interested in releasing your game on the platform, please contact me.

    I might also need some help with developing my own games ^^ In this case, contact me.

    Oh, and I might need some help with distribution worldwide, too. If you own a web store, contact me.

    Oh, also, thank you Pode for providing that QR code reading plugin. It saved me a lot of time.

  • Hey man, I'm still fixing my game, and I'll send it to by next Friday -- guarantee. I'll send it to the email you gave me.

    Pretty interesting concept though. Innovative, never thought of something like this.

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  • congrats on releasing the platform! Hope you have a success with it

  • Oh, I have to share it here, one of the fans made a physical console

    Here is the video

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