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  • I just published my first completed game - GunMission! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt=":mrgreen:" title="Mr. Green">

    Help Agent Ruby infiltrate heavily guarded buildings and put a stop to the bad guys, one bullet at a time.

    Play it here:

  • It's a very good game !

    There is great animations !

    But there is some things that I don't understand.

    Why do the tutorial level is called "Training" ? I though it was for training my shooting skills, with different waves of enemies...

    And in your description, all commands are not shown (SHIFT for Walking, the Double Jump).

    Maybe you should do the tutorial in the first level.

    And IMO, Up for Jump, Double Jump and Interact is not a good choice. You should use an other key for Interact, shown over every object that you can use.

    After the technical points, we can talk about the game. I think it's cool, i enjoyed it (i've done the 2 first levels) , but I think it can be more intense. For now, I only kill enemies one by one. Make some waves, with 4-5 enemies of different types. I saw that you have already tried that, But there is no lock on theses waves, so if you stop running for exploring the level, the wave is broken.

    Nevertheless, the music is good, graphically it's good, the objective of making a retro game is done.

    Continue to work on your game !

  • Thank you very much for the feedback!

    Haha, I've gone through four or five different control configurations and I can't seem to please everybody. I think the only way to make everybody happy is to just have a TON of options. I will add more control options in the next version.

    Great idea showing a hovering context-sensitive button over objects you can interact with! I'll definitely add that in a later version, along with a better icon representing locked doors.

    Good catch on listing all of the controls! I will update that as well.

    I agree - I would also love to have more enemies and have them come in waves, but those ideas extend past the original scope of the game I set out to make. Fear not...these additions, and more (such as different weapons and realistic lighting) will make it to the sequel

  • You want everyone happy ? Let them choosing every key for every actions in a menu.

    So you will be compatible with every country, with every player's habits.

    Hint : use "KeyCode"

    You see, I always question me about "how to help the player to learn the game's mechanics if he doesn't read the instructions ?". It's why I have chosen contextual texts for interactions. You can see that in my last game Blinded. A game has to be intuitive and I think it's one of the best solutions. All in my game is not well done about this question, but I will do a sequel for correcting all that I don't like ^^

    Realistic lighting ? What a hard but interesting project !

  • What is that into music? Is that Killer Instinct? Great game btw.

  • It's totally Killer Instinct

    And thank you!

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  • Hey, just played through the first few missions. I really dig it! Great oldschool charm and very nice animations. Great music too, but I find the sound effects to be pretty grating

    A few technical issues and thoughts that came up while I was playing:

    • Sometimes enemies die and fall over, but their bodies don't actually drop to the ground. They just stay in the air if they're elevated.
    • Your collision boxes are probably changing, which is causing that jumping glitch when changing directions while standing next to a wall.
    • Sometimes dropped ammo clips fall through the floor or get stuck in crates.
    • There's no pause screen.
    • Why have a walk ability? I'd much rather that were changed to a sprint ability.
    • If you walk up underneath an enemy (like from the sloped inclines), and stand underneath them, they sort of twitch back and forth.
    • I really like your enemy types. Nice solid progression there with great colour-coding.
    • No grenades?
    • Controls get confused sometimes: If I'm crouching, holding a direction, then switch directions (while still holding crouch), and press fire, then the bullet fires the wrong way.
    • Personally, I dislike the sloped platforms. They look cheap and kill the 16-bit thing you've got going on. I'd much prefer to see elevators or some other way of changing elevation in levels.
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