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  • .CAPX:

    This is nothing more than a test program I worked on in trying to better understand using groups to keep certain actions from happening while other conditions were true.

    What I have now works as I intended, and (go figure) a lot less complex than I first worked out.

    The aim is simply to press the 1, 2, or 3 keys (keycodes 49-51; if your keyboard has a 10-key number pad, do not use it as they have different keycodes) and the associated group will activate, setting the associated variable to it's related group number. And every tick the active group number will be displayed according to its variable - the others will be reset to their original value at runtime. Nothing to go "Ooooo" and "Aaaah" over.

    I wanted to share this to get some feedback on how I might better set this up and other uses for Groups that could extend from what I have here. This is just for general feedback...maybe you've thought of some clever ways to use Groups that I certainly haven't. What kind of problems might arise from using groups to isolate events until they are needed and how might I counter them? What have you encountered?

    Also, can someone explain just what "toggle active" for System-->Groups does? I tried using it, but it didn't work as I anticipated, and I can't find any help in the manual. Thanks!

  • Please release the CAPX with a stable version, so simple users like me can have access...

  • ghale - Sorry about that. I'll take care of it a.s.a.p. Thank you for trying to take a look. I'll let you know when the stable .capx is up.

  • I love when people demand you do something for their benefit without even a please or thank you.

  • BluePhaze - *sigh* ...yeeeaaaah...good point. I kinda didn't pay it any mind, but yes, you're very right. I'm still learning C2 as a whole and I didn't realize there would be any issue about loading a beta .capx file onto a stable version.

  • Rhindon Just tell them to update to the latest version. You shouldn't have to uninstall, the install an older version to provide a sample of something you did on your own for folks who don't want to go through the minimum amount of effort to update their version. Especially when they didn't even ask politely and there is no actual benefit to you in doing so. In fact it is detrimental to your free time and increases the amount of effort you have to expend to do something you didn't have to provide in the first place, but did so out of your own kindness and willingness to help the community while you are learning yourself.

    Just Saying... You shouldn't have to jump through hoops...

  • BluePhaze - Thank you for that, truly. On one hand, I don't mind so much, but you're right all the same. I have been putting in many hours just struggling with one little aspect of my game project. My time is limited... I appreciate the advice and encouragement.

  • Rhindon No problem, I have noticed a flood of newer folks that either demand someone solve all their issues, or ask questions that are thoroughly covered in the manual or tutorials. Those of us that help (like you) deserve to be shown a bit more respect than that.

    I have only been on here a couple of months and try to help all I can, but we have to balance our time between what we are doing for our own projects as well. Some don't seem to get that. I am not saying Ghale is being super rude or anything, but I feel that when we put our own efforts out there to help others, at least a bit of appreciation goes a long way if the community is going to continue to grow and we expect folks to want to help.

    You are already doing a great job in the time you have been here! Keep it up.

  • BluePhaze - Oh? You've been "watching" me? *chuckles* I didn't realize I'd become that recognizable. Most of my posts have been requests for help...not much in what I can do TO help others yet.

    I'm just surprised. I didn't imagine I'd made any impact yet.

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  • This file isn't available anymore.

    Any possibility to put it available again?

  • I've long-since deleted it. This was nearly four years ago.

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