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  • Well this is my first project with Construct 2 and I thought I would share my progress really quick.

    The game is simple, it's reminiscent of the arcade classic Moon Patrol. You need to jump holes, shoot rocks and flying enemies.

    I have it designed now where it only gets harder by adding enemies, if I stay with it I will start to tweak the difficulty the further you get.

    The game is all pretty much randomly generated actions. The holes and rocks come in at in random time intervals, same with ships, even using random numbers to adjust their SINE patterns.

    I'm thinking of doing a version with actual levels instead. Right now it's more of the "See how long you can last" variety of game.

    It's really early on and many of the graphics will be replaced.

    Up - Jump

    Right/Left - speed up and slow down.

    Space - Fire

    Thanks for looking.

  • not bad but need work more i didn't like that holes on the grounds and also why the game getting slower when i move back?? just make the game keep getting faster but i can move left and right without slowing and speeding...

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  • That's the way the original Moon Patrol game was, so I just tried to tie that in. Kind of like give the car gas, and then slowing down again.

    How come you didn't like the holes? You mean how they look, or just the fact that they are there? Again, it's from the original game.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Made a few changes:

    Added start layout

    Added Game Over

    Added Scores appearing above enemies when killed

    Added some more collision detection

    Removed the random holes, now holes are just created by the enemy with missiles.

    Added explosion to horizontal bullet and enemy bullets that hit the ground.

    Added sound effects

    Next I am going to work on the online high score table layout and then start tweaking the balance/flow of the game.

    Finally, work on some newer graphics and explosion animations.

  • Added enemy explode animations

    Added Start Screen

    Added Online High Score (using AJAX via PHP/MySQL)

    I'm gonna work on he background images, add 1 more enemy and finally the flow of the game.

    Thanks for checking it out.

  • New update, it's almost complete now.

    Still need one more image for the background. A cityscape, mountains or something.

    Added more animations

    Tweaked the flow of the game.

    Made it run in letterbox mode

    Added more sounds

    Added a combo/multiplier system

    Cleaned up little things here and there.

    If you get a chance, check it out and go for a high score :).

  • Me, Playing this game in front of my wife.

    "I GOT THIS"

  • Really nice work. The game is a lot of fun to play. Just wish I was better at it.

  • How you did to make an "High Score Page"?

    Your game is really fun but yeah, I wish I was better at it too :P

  • Thanks for the compliments. Keeping practicing :).

    The High Scores page is done with AJAX, PHP and MySql. I am thinking of writing a tutorial on it since there doesn't seem to be one already.

  • Just a few minor changes. Added a restart button to the high score page instead of main menu. The Reload was just being lazy so I took the time to reset all the variables and group activated properties on the start of the layout so now you can restart quickly :).

    Thanks again for the replies and feedback.

  • Great game, I remember moon patrol, 10p a game in them days. Please make the high score tutorial, I am just posting the score with the browser object but there are a few problems with that method.

    Nice game thanks

  • I did add a tutorial for the high scores table. It should be under Tutorials and New.

  • I like it. :) I remember playing a game like this on the C64.

  • Hi ArcadEd

    I was wondering how you did the hole. I assume you used a tiled image so what did you do when a hole is blasted into the ground?

    I was actually thinking of making moon patrol myself and I did a search to see if someone else had done one already

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