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  • Hi everyone,

    First topic here :)

    Grimm is my first project in Contruct2 made in University with some friends. This will be my second game for this class and Construct2 was chosen because it is easy and powerfull at same time.

    Well, the game is here

    WASD to walk and jump, mouseclick to attack.

    It is a very early prototype just to proof some concepts.Initially was to be based on the stories of the Grimm Brothers. But at this point i dont even know if we will continue this project.

    In tecnical aspect, we have a lot o bugs. Primary with the frog tongue,but the number of elements (126 before mini-frog spawn) is a very problematic issue too.

    The biggest mistake of our decisions was to create the trees as objects and not simply background. They dont have any role in the game and the "random generated background" dont worth the memory use.

    And is it.

    Sorry if i make any mistake, english is not my primary language.

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  • Not bad at all.

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