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  • First and foremost, my name is Rory and it's good to be here. I enjoy working with these programs in hopes I might sell a decent game one day. So far it's been pushing my limits, relaxing, then pushing some more, and I hope Construct 2 can allow me to push even further. I use MMF2 Dev as well, and I can say that so far this is far easier to work with, and the HTML5 thing is brilliant!

    I don't know if anyone has done this yet, but this guy who goes by Chumbucket has a wonderful character sprite sheet for platform games. I have taken the liberty of making the background invisible and creating a folder with all 71 of the sprite animation strips in it. The user of these sprites is free to apply any artistic expression they desire and distribute them without permission or credit. Personally I've always found this to be a good guide for designing higher graphics

    Click below to download. (Links to my Google Sites page)

    Download Platform Character Pack

  • I meant to say "higher resolution graphics." Sorry for the double post.

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  • Thanks roracle, this looks great for developing characters from =D

  • Thank you for sharing roracle, this will come in handy later :)

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