Gravity Buster - a Rotary Competition game

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  • So my game was too big (serves me right for making a game with color changing platform mechanics lol). So I put it on dropbox and will show it off here because whether or not Tom or Ashley see this and will count it in the competition, I want to show off my hard work. So here it is: Gravity Buster!

    Click to go to Gravity Buster

    I hope I'll at least get a contender medal for at least trying. Any positive or negative comments would be appreciated. Anything that should be changed or modified.


    WASD - Movement

    J - Shoot

    K - Jump

    L - Gravity Right

    O - Gravity Left

    R - Restart Level

    ESC - Escape menus

  • The first thing I clicked on is the "Controls" button and then I had to refresh the game because there is no way back to the menu screen.

    I also got stuck in between the walls somehow. See here!

    I really like your color-changing platform idea though. Good luck!

  • Oh, right Its doesn't have all the controls on it, I forgot. To get out of the Controls menu or the pass word menus, press [ESC]. If you want to restart a level, press R and you will immediately restart that level.

    I had gotten stuck in the walls before but never there. Bravo for figuring out something new :D lol

  • I personaly think, the controls are much to complicated. I ve already got a knot in my fingers...

  • sorry. If I continue the project, I'll add an option to change the controls between this and Arrow keys with ZXCV as controls or something like that. Sorry they are complicated for you. I imagine it like its a controller, so that's why I set them up they way I did.

  • Hi, the idea is incredible!!! I like it very much, as Tokki said it's easy to get stuck in walls!

  • I like the idea! One suggestion I have though is to make the non-active colour change opacity, would make it slightly clearer which colour is active =)

  • Okay :) I'll work at it still :D Yeah, I thought of doing that, but never emplimented it. good idea though :)

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  • amazing gameplay,very creative and fitting music good luck!

  • Its a cool idea, I like the music and i also got stuck in the wall lol.

    Constructive crit: The controls need changing, most people are right handed so movement feels pretty natural using the arrow keys (Also most lefties have adapted themselves unwillingly to this style). Just my opinion but buttons should be where its natural for your left hand to be (This varies but i think its pretty safe to use A, S and D).

    I would like to see you continue to work on this, if not look forward to whatever comes next haha :)

  • Well that is actually something of a debate. See I don't think its a think of rightie or leftie, its just preference. I like controlling things with my left hand (as you would on a game system controller, which the movement controls are always on the left), and so the arrow keys feel unnatural to me.

    I have a question for all of you that get stuck in that one wall. Do you try to stand in the wall on the pink platform before hitting the block to change colors or are you just happening to get stuck?

  • I understand what you mean. Maybe i made a bad example - allow me a second shot (My only interest is to help btw i hope you dont find this combative).

    Imagine that you pick up your controller and the directional pad is on the other side of it instead. Sure you could get used to it - but that will require some patience. I just think its risky to go with a button setup that is completely different from most web games in its category.

    I would say the same thing if you were making a first person shooter and not using ASWD for movement.

    Oh and about the wall stickyness i think it changed colour as i was in-between layers but to be honest i cant remember exactly!

  • No, I know you are not being combative. But yes, I see what you are saying. If I would continue with this game, I would defiantly add other features to it, such as being able to switch controls. I would also fix the wall thing lol :D

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