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  • Do you draw everything for your games by yourself? Have a designer? Have a whole team? Download images from free stock sites?

    What about music?

  • All of those Questions are your choice !

  • I generally create all assets from scratch, music/sound/animations, however if you search the boards, there are quite a few free packs and resources if you don't.

    Scirra offers some packs for sound fx and sprites/layouts on the site with the downloads for Construct 2.

  • As says, it�s all your choice.

    I�m working on my second game (the first one was in Flash) and for now, I�m creating all my assets and animations.

    I will ask for help when I get to the music part, but the rest is going to be all done by me (I�ve created a devlog about my game if you are interested on it: post).

  • Thanks for sharing this information, guys.

    Who else does everything by him/herself?

  • Basically I do all myself including~

    Story telling (Design the game story if available)~

    Game design (Gameplay design, function settings)~

    Event design (Programming, code, logic thinking)~

    Concept design (Theme of the level, feeling to give player)~

    Level design (Level construction, difficulty balancing)~

    2D & 3D artwork (Sprite animation & 3D rendering sprite)~

    For the SFX and BGM~

    Some of them I do it myself~

    Some of them I downloaded from website~

    That provide free sources for free project use~

    Yup, that is it~

    Hopes it helps~ ^^

  • AkiraWong , same here ^^ but i didn't try 3d in games yet ^^ also the sounds i have no idea on them , my feeling on sounds is really weak o_o

  • Do you draw everything for your games by yourself? Have a designer?

    I'm a designer, so yes, I design everything myself because that's what I'm good at. What I normally lack is a programmer, and because Construct is so simple, I don't really have a problem with that with the projects I do now.

    Have a whole team?

    I normally work alone.

    Download images from free stock sites?

    Never.. there aren't much free graphics out there which can let you make a full game without at least making a little bit yourself, or getting pieces from elsewhere and mismatched graphics is bad.

    If you want though I recommend

    What about music?

    There are lots of sites out there which you can get free music and sound effects from

    Flash Kit, Newgrounds, OpenGameArt are just some.

    But always check the licensing, never use a piece with a license not legal for the game you're making. Don't use non-commercial licensed music for a commercial game and give credit when necessary.


  • Well , As I said in the last post , It's all your choice .

    But ,Personnaly , I do the sprites and Programming by myself , and I ask help for Sfx and Music

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  • My turn =)

    Sprites, background and graphics - all by myself. Pen tool is awesome tool to use and make your own images. There are some exceptions sometimes when I am lazy ) For example in my game "Saving private Brain" I took the image of soldier from the internet.

    I use Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

    SFX I take from free websites.

    Music I do on Fruity loops or Ejay.

    And of course Scira Construct 2 to blow a life into my steel images )

  • P.S. For 3D (which I don`t normally add to my games) I use Sketch UP and Swift 3D

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