The Grae Mezzanine - An Interactive Art Zine

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  • Hello.

    I always wanted to create a way to show the world my mind and some of it's offspring (A few should be left unseen).

    Lots of ideas were battling for the ultimate challenge.

    Then, my mind said quietly, "Why not Professor Odd Art, Sir Silly Story-telling and Mr. Why-the-heck-am-I-playing-and-not-making-games collaborate?"

    They did not listen at first, but the three of them finally came to realize that it was only going to work if they had the same desired outcome.

    They asked my brain to assist and this is what materialized.

    ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

    The Grae Mezzanine

    ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...

    Anyway, I just started about a month ago with Construct 2 and I definitely see the potential to make this happen.

    I am tweaking the game art in-between learning how C2 operates.

    This is what I have accomplished so far (minus some new block art).

    Use the Arrow keys to move (jump, climb and swim included).

    Press Space to shoot.

    Move Mouse around to find hidden movable blocks (only when the pink blobby thingy is caught).

    Hold Left Mouse Button down on the movable blocks to grab them for a bit (only when the pink blobby thingy is caught).

    Press P for Pause.

    Press C to continue.

    Press R to restart.

    Press S for slow-motion.

    I don't want to ruin all of your fun by typing too much.

    Please do not hesitate to comment on any aspect of my creation.

    There is a lot more to come, so please check back once in awhile.

    Thanks and have fun today.


    <img src="" border="0">

  • really nice game i liked the graphics , but some stuffs i didn't like :

    1) its too slow when it go down and up from the ladder

    2) the animations there is no animation when i attack , and jump

    3)the hidden area i don't know what should i reach? just killing and moving to right or what?? put a small map or let us know where we should go ^^

  • Thanks for the feed-back, zsangerous.

    I made it a bit faster going up and down the ladders.

    I don't know about you, but I am very slow when I am on a ladder.

    I keep trying to do the animation for attacks and swimming, but I don't like what I did, so, back to the old drawing board.

    I added a door for you to find.

    Touch the door and it will bring you to the cover page of the first issue of The Grae Mezzanine - The Art Zine.

    Also, try to get all of the Gold Nuggets.

    But for the most part right now, it is more of a "playground".

    As for a map, I don't think I am there quite yet.

    I have a lot of learning to do.

    Latest update...

    The Grae Mezzanine

    Thanks again.


  • Hi again.

    Whenever I update The Grae Mezzanine, I will update the link in my initial post as well as add one on the "Hey, I just updated The Grae Mezzanine" post.


  • Have fun experimenting. The thing about flow of consciousness that I have learned and am still learning is... It can be quite fun! It's great to give your mind a starting point and all your electrodes start firing and chipping in ideas for this and that. You'll be amazed at the traversal once you stop and look back a bit. The problem is

    Well, our own mind has a lot of things solved and connects them for us if we let it.We can go from point A to point rectangle in a few bats of a lash and not question much, just keep jumping through the hoops. Other people, that is anyone who is not "you" sometimes need those missing steps or at least the top and tail ends of your ideas shaved down into little ramps so they can enjoy the ride with you. Basically, if you are inviting a group on a flight of fancy with you, give them wings and some feedback from time to time to help steer them or to help them steer.

    I like some of the elements going on here, and maybe you're just braindropping everything that you can while learning the program but I don't get why I'm doing anything here. I'm in an obscured platformer, with a weapon to shoot people who make me flash otherwise, can get hugs from pink things, will have to time jumps to meet moving platforms, to collect yellow gems but if I walk a certain way I can see the first page of an illustrative gazette. i feel like I've both seen everything and missed everything entirely at the same time.

    I'm not saying you should put more notes around the place that explicitly tells people whats going on, but to think of more ways to explain what might be going on with the play mechanics.

  • Thanks TPorter64.

    You are correct, I am trying to figure out how C2 works and what I can do with it.

    Therefore, the chaos ensues.

    I am hoping a unique experience for the player rises out of the ashes.

    There are way too many games that are quite similar to each other.

    This problem is not just with games, but almost every avenue of art.

    How many movie re-dos do we need?

    Why can't people stop painting bowls of fruit?

    It seems to me that creativity has hit a huge wall and fell into a coma.

    I want to knock the darn wall down.

    My concern is that people really enjoy mediocrity and they don't want to experience diversity in life.


    I am currently re-working the layouts and I uploaded a lot more "block" art.

    I began construction on my start / pause menu.

    I will post my tutorial level soon.

    Thanks again for your feed-back.


  • nice work ^^ but is this normal that i see 2 players?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Thanks zsangerous.

    No, you are not supposed to see double.

    I noticed that as well.

    I have no idea where he is coming from.

    You know what they say, everyone has a doppelganger and Pitch met his.

    I was searching through the event sheets as well as the layouts to see if he was hiding out.

    I cannot find the darn little dude.

    Crazy stuff.

    I am diligently working on a smaller layout tutorial level.

    I made the mistake of putting all events on one sheet, so I need to move the level specific events to their own event sheets and include the "all layouts" ES.

    I am also trying to figure out how I can utilize an array for the layout transition doors.

    I know, my mind is going everywhere, but nowhere and my brain is trying to real him in.

    My mind and brain constantly have that fight.

    Like I stated before, I am only happy when the two are functioning at the same time.

    Thanks again.


  • I also saw the double but just assumed it was intentional! :D I've been working with just the demo version of construct so far and it has helped me keep focus. I'll get to around 80 or 90 events and I start looking back at what I've done. Hm, I'm going to need to start shaving things off, or culling this, or simplifying that. What is the heart? What is the core? What is essential and what isn't? I'm not saying barebones, but essential to the experience I am wanting to share. And I "THINK" it has made my games more focused. Then again, I haven't finished one yet but I think if I didn't have that limitation in the beginning I would have just spiraled into a mind funk meltdown and have tuned out so many people that I was hoping to connect with!

    Oh, also like the music!

  • how about a menu or hud that shows what the controls are?? I hate having to pause the game and go back to the forum page to see what button does what.

    just my opinion

  • Here is a ?Hey, I just updated The Grae Mezzanine? post.


    The Grae Mezzanine


    I added a Title Page and a Menu Page.

    The menu is limited right now.

    The only button that works is the one titled ?Play Tutorial?.

    I was asked to explain how the controls work, so thanks for your feed-back and please enjoy.


    <img src="" border="0">

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  • ***   The Grae Mezzanine Update - July 20th, 2012 ***


    Here is the latest T.G.M. update.

    I added an inventory, some new artwork as well as a new song (at least the start to a new song).

    The Grae Mezzanine

    Level 2 is a work in progress, so you will probably fall off.

    Have fun today.

    <img src="" border="0">

  • I get stuck walking to the right side on the first stage, just after leaving the cave. The player fall on the right and you can't see him anymore.

  • Thanks TELLES0808.

    Up until now, the only "working" level was the tutorial.

    I just finished level 2 (first non-tutorial).

    The Grae Mezzanine

    I need to modify the tutorial once I know exactly how I want my inventory to work.

    At the moment, when you find a not-so-typical object, it knows to hop into your pocket.

    The gem with block-moving powers.

    A ball that will allow you to jump a tad bit higher than normal for a few minutes.

    Also, the pink, blobby dude will jump on your head first, but if you left-click on him, he will jump into your pocket as well.

    To open or close the inventory, please left-click on the i Block at the top-right corner.

    Another helpful hint, when your player touches a flying light, your pitch-fork will glow for a few seconds.

    Please enjoy.


  • Grae Mezzanine Update

    The tutorial level and the first "real" level are up.

    There is an inventory as well as title and menu screens.

    I also included a "You Died" mini menu.

    I fixed a few bugs and / or glitches.

    I messed with the block art.

    I added checkpoints.

    All in all, it is starting to look like a game.

    I am now ready to add some more of the 'zine to it.

    I have a lot of ideas.

    I need to take the advice that was handed to me and focus.



    Anyway, here is the link...

    The Grae Mezzanine

    Thanks and have fun today.


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