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  • I just publish my first game on Google Play. It was made using Construct 2


    It is based on one of the most successful childhood stories that we all adored: "The Crow and the Fox".


    2 modes are available; you can choose to play as a Crow or as a Fox.

    -If you are the Crow, your goal is to throw the cheese on the ground without letting the nasty Fox catch it. To do so, click on the ground where you want to drop the cheese. If the Fox catches 3 pieces of cheese, it's game over

    • If you are the Fox, your goal is to collect all the cheese that fall on the ground. To do so, grab the green arrow attached to the fox and move it left or right. Attention : The crow throws a black rock from time to time , this one you should avoid it. If a cheese hits the ground or if the crow hits you with a black rock, its game over

    Thank you!


  • Hi Zypper , I think this is a good game.

    I impress with the in app purchase and leaderboard in the game that use cocoonjs to wrap the game.

    Can you share the tutorial link about them? i can not found any yet.

    It will be a great help for my game project.

    Thank you very much.

  • Awww Thanks very much.

    Sadly i cannot app link, yet so i hope you could find the tutorials.

    For InApp PUrchase i use this one

    in-app-purchase-on-google-play-android-using-cocoonjs (Search here on Scirra)

    and for leaderboard i used as a base the following

    how-to-implement-your-own-leader-board-in-c2-without-a-plugin (Search on Google)

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  • Thank you very much Zypper!

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