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  • You enjoy helping others, but you don’t always have possibility to do it? Now you can make the world better without spending a penny, wherever you are. A unique project named Good Souls allows thousands of people around the world to collect money for children, who have lost their parents. All you need to do is playing! And the revenues from advertisement will be spent on purchase of things that are essential for boarding schools and orphan homes. Join us, and together we will make the world better!

    • A brand new project that combines entertainment and good deeds. Each minute spent in the game provides real help for children.

    • Fabulous animated graphics. A kind fairytale comes to life on the screen of your smartphone.

    • Simple and pleasant gaming process. No complicated rules, violence or excessive information. Just protect Kewpie from clouds and thunderclouds on his way.

    If you like the game, don’t forget to tell your friends and fellows! I will also be glad to hear your comments and advice.

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  • That's a great cause. Wish we saw more charity in computer gaming. Keep it up!

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