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  • I have released a new version of my wall-breaker wave physics game "The Gong". I have made the game much more smaller and playable and added new features which some I believe have never been used in C2 games before:

    1)I have deleted all my main layouts and replaced them with a single layout, which loads all data from JSON files.

    2)You can now choose the color of the wave from main page.

    3)You can make a CanvasSnapshot of the game, to photograph a great moment in the game.

    4)I have made a complete ingame level editor, where users can make their own levels and share them with others. It also includes a ingame tester, so you can test your levels before publishing. After upload to the remote server all levels are reviewed and the best ones are selected out and made available for everyone in 48 hours.(I will soon be making a tutorial of how to make an ingame level editor based on my current project.)

    5)User made levels can be played under "User made levels" section, where you can load a game by double-clicking the level name.

    The game is currently under review in Windows Store I hope I can make it to the Summer Competition.

    I was unable to upload my game to Scirra Arcadde because it was too wide(1024 px). Instead I have uploaded this to, where you can see the complete game.

    The previous beta version 0.5 is available in Scirra arcade though:

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  • Here are some pictures:

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