The Gong - My first game made Construct2

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  • Here is my first game made by Construct2 "The Gong". I built this game for about a month beside college. The action is placed in medieval China, where you must save the village from a fearsome Mongol attack using the clever gong warning system. The game could have some bugs and issues, that I hope that you could note and give me some advice how to solve them if I should get in trouble.

    You can find the game from Scirra Arcade under New section.

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  • I liked the menu

  • The game concept is really original.

    Some suggestions:

    • You must put in the tutorial the need to scrolling the screen to see all the complete map. On the first play if don?t think on it, you not undestand why lose.
    • On the tutorial, when you take 2 of the 3 coins or medals, the upside counter mark the 3 medals taked.
    • Sometimes I have problems with the scrolling. The control goes weird and don?t let me scrolling. (I use PC and Chrome).

    Nice game, very original and fun! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thank you for your feedback. I have made the fixes in the Intro layout.

    I also have a problem while displaying my game in the Internet explorer, it appeares to be having no sound although I followed some guidelines found in the forum that I should have both .ogg and m4a files with the same names. I would be very grateful, if someone could give me advise how to fix it, this seems to be my number one bug right now.

    If you note any other bugs or errors, please let me know.

  • Interesting concept, and I really like the use of the gong. Perhaps you could simplify the tutorial by going through one stage step by step with the player to progress through the first level so he knows what to do throughout the following stages.

  • A new version is now up:


    1.Gameplay 3x faster(60 fps, tested on my old crappy Vista)

    2.Waves look better visually and spawn in greater numbers

    3.Night background opacity is now 80 instead of 99.999, which makes it easier to play.

    4.New start menu

    5.Fixed the achievements page and some minor bugs.

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