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  • This is my first game made with C2.

    Based on web viral nyancat <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Space donuts!

    Instruction on website.

    I use playtomic plugin for leaderboard, so it could take some minuts before the board updates.

    I'm waiting for your suggestions ^^

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  • Cool game Dado, it's a variation of the tutorial and there are a lot of improvements.

    I will suggest to add different weapons. We already have the donuts and bombs. You could add cakes or another pastry as a weapon since we shoot donuts ;). You could also add new types of enemies. Maybe after killing 20 enemies, we could fight the boss "a giant Cat" and if possible (if you have enough events left), we have to kill the boss only a specific way. It will keep the player's attention.

    Anyway good job man. Keep up! I saw on your website, it's likely you will add new games. Be sure I will stay tuned. By the way, please, feel free to try also my game "This is Cute!" and leave me some comments. You can play it through my signature.

    Hope this helps.

  • It was in my mind to add some new weapon, new enemies, level of difficoulty, a giant boss..

    First i have to buy a license coz i already used quite all events which the free edition support!! (As you say, it is based on basic tutorial, because i want to have a shoot-game-like, but it has a lot of improvements!)    

    Ps. Yep, i would like to develop more games.

  • That was prety cool Dado,

    The effect when you kill the enemy is cool, movement was smooth, instructions are nicely put beside the game if one ever needed to use them.

    I noticed the sounds were muted when i first started the game, are you planning on updating them soon? I really liked the music - how it slowed down when you were almost dead, chugging the potion was a really cool sound effect too. However that one sound you hear the most (when enemies die) sounds like it is coming from an Atari!

    Maybe replace that sound with a more cat-like sound.

    Keep working on it and like Anthony, Im looking forward to more.

  • GenkiGenga

    I appreciate you like the game.

    Sound starts muted coz i don't want to annoy the player.

    Do you think the player could prefer it starts with music toggle on?

    However yep, i'm working hard on music in this phase: expecially on the sound of explosion (that now comes exactly from an atari bomb explosion!). I'm working to substitute it with a sound like the bomb of bomberman from snes (i don't want to have a real sound of explosion) with a cat meow for tacNyans and a zombie meow for tacZombies.

    But it's really difficoult to find sample sounds free on internet to work with!

    I'll love to add a 3-donuts-weapon which shot 3 smaller donuts in three different directions..but it sounds like i have to wait till i buy a licence coz i need a bunch of events.

    I'm working also to add a "defense" mate as a bonus (like a small brilliant pink cat fairy?) which spawn to protect for 10 seconds the cat when player pick up her during the game. Could it be interesting on player mind? I dunno, but i think i'll try (it should take me few events so i can do it with the free edition).

    Sureley i'm going to introduce a speed-up every x second to cat speed coz when you reach 80.000 points other cats are really to fast for avoid them and it comes to be a little too much difficoult xD

    Could those be effective new features in your minds?

  • Bomberman explosion should fit really well, I also agree that a realistic explosion sound is not the way to go.

    Working with the free trial is tough, all of your suggestions sound cool. Keeping the gameplay varied while still maintaining a challenge is hard work - but I think your up to it :)

    Oh about the music, i think you made the right choice to start with it off at this point, once the explosion is different though i would start with music on - the speaker is pretty obvious, if people dont like it they can switch it off.

  • Yep free trial is cool but limiting. But i want explore much more possibilities and skills i can, before buying it (i was not so lucky to descover C2 in the early adopter period. damn xD)

    When i'll buy a licence i think i will set two buttons to differentiate the toggle off/on between pure music and effects-sounds (explosion, nyan meows, potions, transform music)... maybe a player likes to play with music and no effects-sounds or with effects-sounds and no music (for example last choice is my favourite when i play a game like this).

    And maybe a cool feature is to storing their option on music in cookies or with web storage!

  • Wow, I don't really care for the whole nyan nyan cat thing, but I really like what you've done here, especially the score-keeping. I'm thinking through using the playtomic plugin now because I see how well you've done with it.

    Great job overall!

  • Thanks Ugotsta ^^

    Read the playtomic plugin tutorial, it works!

    But sometimes playtomic servers are down .. i'll substitute it with an ajax post leaderboard when i'll have the license!

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