Go!Go!Maddi! Pseudo 3D Tech Demo

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  • The controls didn't work and it was a little jumpy but otherwise did work on my iPad. Looks pretty nice.

  • There aren't any controls programmed for the ipad/mobile yet. And what magical super version of the ipad do you have? I have a Mini,a 2 and an iphone 5. All have a purple screen when I run it and then safari crashes... Mind you they're all jail broken and probably no longer up to date for that reason.

    And thanks for the compliment/and for testing!!

  • I'm not overly sure. It was a gift. I know it was brand new 2 years ago. I'll take a peek and let you know.

  • I looked it up, here's the specs based on my iPad model number

    My iPad stats

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  • damainman,

    No problem, glad I could help out :) Good luck with development, I look forward to the next instalment (the boss enemies sound very cool)!.

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  • That's an ipad 2. I have one, game doesn't work at all. Your OS must be up to date, mine hasn't been updated at all. It's only used for netflix and kids games. I'll have to read up on the last iOS update and see if they added webGL support to safari/iOS. Thanks for getting me the specs and thanks again!!

    Blacksmith I'm excited to get back to my game now too. The sled section is going to be cool now! I want to try to figure out how to do jumps, might just make an angled sprite to fake it.

    Also realized split screen isn't needed for 2plr on this part of the game. Better to compete for the coins on the screen instead of both having a set. I could just zoom out if they get far apart.

    I Can't wait to get started on the art for the bosses here either. End of the game boss will rick this way!!!

  • Sadly, the link is gone and i know it's been ages, Wondering if your still around to toss up a new link

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