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  • Like the title says. Working on an engine for another member. The other is more advanced at the moment but I've tossed this together a few nights ago. The other engine is capable of more at than this at the moment but I'm more worried about how computers that aren't mine are going to handle this!

    So this is a background only but playable with fire button (X) tech demo to show that it's working. I need some feed back on how well it's working on other machines. Also going to test it on my pads and phones (not playable but will run).

    So as usual thanks in advance for helping out and here is the link!

    Not the floor isn't a giant mode7 tile but mode7 was used to get the sprite skew effect :O

    *This is all thanks to that tutorial that was posted - I could do everything but get the angles right due to my designer level math skills!!! ;)



  • awesome

  • this is amazing!

    run well on my machine,

    but again my pc is not really a low end machine

    would love to see the advanced version of the engine :)

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  • Kcpunk666 Thanks!!

    mochakingup Thanks!! It wont work on pads and phones - webgl :( And the other engine is only my coding and nothing else so it's not mine to show. If I get spare time on the weekend I'll make some additions to my version of the engine and show off enemies etc. Put in a less crappy sky too haha!

    The actual game will get an update by the end of June with this and a few new levels. I started the platform level for stage 3-1 and stage 3-2 was supposed to be the 3d sled escape (picture the sled scene in the movie Willow)!

  • Makes me want to play Starfox on the SNES <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Jayjay I was going to tell you where you can put that StarFox cart... but I've changed my mind ;) Seriously never got into that series until it was on the Cube and had the 3rd person adventure junk to it. And all the while I really just wanted a real remake of Conker... not the censored XBOX one either.

  • Yeah Conker!!!!

  • Well I'm impressed :)

    It's amazing what C2 can do when people get creative :)

  • Rhaaa Space Harrier resurrected ! :) :) :)

    Works perfectly on my powerful pc.

  • damainman,

    Nice work, very cool! Reminded me of Outrun (even though character is a person and not a car!). Even the music brought back memories of speeding around race tracks in an open top sports car (probably the closest I'll ever get to the real thing!)

    Anyway I digress - I checked the demo on my laptop (brand new, 8GB RAM, Intel i5, Intel HD graphics card), and it ran as smooth as silk. Also check on my PC (3yrs old, 3GB RAM, Pentium dual core, Intel G41 graphics card). You could definitely notice a frame rate slow down, and picture did stutter a little, but it was still playable.

    Hope that helps mate, and keep up the great work, looks awesome.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • jayderyu Thanks - I was kind of shocked to get the speed I'm getting. I was totally under the impression that this was going to crash and burn after a few sprites went on screen.

    KaMiZoTo I'm attempting to get that kind of a look. But maybe a little less bare - Space Harrier hardly had anything on the screen.

    Blacksmith Thanks for testing and thanks for the feed back as well (that goes for all of you too)! Outrun ran on the same arcade system I believe. I always have a hard time believing that those games were mid 80s... Seemed ahead of their time. On your old pc, what browser did you use?

    Thanks again guys!! I've been plugging away at the other version of the engine. I'm lacking sprite skew. I thought the mode7 sprite could handle it but the angles go all out of whack and aren't controlled easily enough to bother with. I've coded pretty much the exact feel of the Space Harrier controls in the other engine. I'll probably keep it a little looser on Go!Go!Maddi! The auto center drove me nuts...

  • damainman,

    Yes the 80's (pause for wistful reminiscence...), where does the time go? I played the demo in both Firefox and Chrome (was slightly better in Chrome though).

  • Put a split-screen local-multiplayer and you got about 90% of SNES games.

  • Really well done! Played in Chrome on a slightly old gaming laptop without a hitch.

  • Blacksmith thanks! I Can probably cut back on some of the gfx and tighten up the code still and getting working better on older machines.

    breackzin It was supposed to be a two-player co-op game... I'm not too sure if c2/html5/this engine will handle that happening but since it is split screen, I could cut the sprite scale height by half if it's top and bottom split screen and that would take the strain off of the engine.

    RandomExile Thank you very much! Good to hear it worked on the laptop!

    So in the other engine I have the Giant head type enemy with rocks spinning around it like it has gravity... or whatever. You can shoot the rocks until they break and then shoot the boss. Next up, coding the giant snake style boss!!

    Can't wait to get this stuff tweaked over into my engine! Once this other engine is done I'll do the full update to Go!Go!Maddi! Shouldn't be much longer!

    Thanks again guys!!

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