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  • Hey Guys :)

    So this is the other game we've been working on while doing/taking a break from Insanity's Blade. I decided to make the old Go!Go!Maddi! Construct Classic game just a private release when it's done in order to keep the music I wanted etc.

    So this one is built completely from scratch including the fonts (except one temp one.)

    Game play:

    Map screen - Sim stage

    Overhead map view is a playable shooter/sim (similar to Actraiser on the SNES). Maddi and her helper (1 of 3) can rebuild the towns that were taken over by monsters by sealing the portals they emerge from. To begin a sim stage you must first beat the 10 stages of platform gaming! Once that has happened you can proceed to destroy the portals and rebuild the town. Once all portals are destroyed there are another 10 stages of platforming until you can go to the next town.

    Platforming - Action stages

    Each Level consists of a "Sim" stage map screen and 20 stages of platforming. 5 Levels in all so technically over 100 stages to play :)

    The platforming stages are similar to Snow Bros (arcade etc). You play as Maddi and/or one of her friends. Throw candy magic at the monsters until you coat them and then walk into them to push them. There are combo meters for the amount of enemies you can hit with a single candy etc. Power ups which can be picked up or found and equipped in the sim stages as well.

    The sim stages aren't really the focus here, just a way to break up the game play a bit between the levels. 100 stages flat out of platforming is rough ;)

    The sim stages will be only complex to the point of having your minions collect power ups that are hidden on the town map and saving them from the monsters.

    The boss fights are different. You must shoot the smaller enemies to load up the "Super Cotton Candy" machine to attack the bosses. You can't just hit a boss. In co-op (which has split screen!) one player can move the machine while the other shoots enemies and loads it!

    Aiming at a console and windows only release for this game. I'm hoping the Wii U can handle the gfx I toss around ;) As of now I have used no WebGL in the game at all to make sure it's console compatible. In fact I've had WebGL slow this game down more than it's helped which is strange. Solid 60fps without webgl and it will stutter with it.

    Anyhow - Here are screen shots. No release date yet, though most of the game is already coded. Still a ton of gfx and animation to do!!

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/maddi/title.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/maddi/mapsim.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/maddi/stg1.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/maddi/split2.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/maddi/boss1.png" border="0" />

    Hope you like the shots :)


  • Whooo interesting! I love Snow Bros :)

    I'm wondering how you made the splitscreen.

    Anyway, good luck with your project!

  • KaMiZoTo Thanks! Yeah - I'm a big fan of all things Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros. It was what I intended the old Go!Go!Maddi! game to be but it turned into some kind of Ghouls 'n Ghosts/Contra styled platformer.

    The map thing came in after I played over the first 10 stages 30-40 times and thought I needed a way to break it up.

    As far as the split screen thing goes. I just paste the layers at player 2's x/y co-ords to a canvas and then move the canvas back to the second half of the screen. It's actually not as cpu heavy as I though it would be since I've been playing it at 60fps on a 5 year old laptop 2 player co-op.

  • 60 fps with split screen on a 5 year old laptop??? Awesome! If only my game was so well optimized...

    Can't wait to play it. :)

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  • Here is a little video of the title, the sim/map stage and actual game play with the first boss thrown in for good measure. Very glitchy and is still very much an early WIP.



  • Just browsing your posts trying to catch up with your progress! Doing this game to take a break from doing Insanity's Blade? hahah Wish I had that creative energy...

    Didn't this game have some huge arsed crab as a boss or something?

  • procrastinator

    I know right, how in the world does he do it? Both games are looking pretty sharp as well.


    I'm curious to know (I think I asked this before), do you do both the drawing and the programming for both the games your working on? I'd imagine big platforming projects like this and insanity blade take up a ton of your time.

  • procrastinator hahaha! yeah but I've been hardcore on IB now to get the demo and all that other junk out! I haven't touched this in a month. The crab boss is in the old Go!Go!Maddi! which I'm not releasing publicly anymore. But I may use the crab boss in this game as this octopus is too sissy for me.

    retrodude yeah I do all of the art all of the sfx, and about 70-80% of the coding. JayJay is working with me on both projects. He's an amazing friend and co-worker :D I've also started tackling the music for IB... There is never enough time in a day. But I've also coded that pseudo 3d game for another company and now working on another client game.

    If I had the time and money to focus on both games, they'd both already be finished. Before and after I type this reply, I'm already adding 3 new moves to Insanity's Blade. That includes the animation for each. I actually just snuck online to see if there is a tut for double tap direction then button (like streets of rage 2 grand upper cut etc). I have a feeling it's a variable to catch the tap then but and direction if variable = 2 or whatever... If it's not on here it'll be done in the next 30 minutes regardless :D

    Thanks for the kind words and interest as always guys!!!

  • retrodude, yeah it's not like they look like crap, as would happen if I bounded around projects like he does. I think he should bottle his creative energy and sell it! ;p

    damainman, oh I thought it was a whale hahah Maybe not replace it, but have the octowhalebossthing as a sub boss or something. Seems a waste otherwise :}

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