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  • This is my work in progress. I will be turfing the instructions for images and making many adjustments but let me know how I can make it better. :)

    Thanks computer friends.


  • Looks like a nice game. I was a bit confused with the controls when I chose single player I was able to move both of the characters. Maybe the game is not setting ignore player input or they both have default controls. I really liked the characters, cause they were reminding me of the movie Labyrinth with a chase scene with a mining machine. I was imaginating the skull laughing with an evil voice.

  • KSLR,

    nice game sir.

    got my ass handed to me the first time, but i took care of business the second time...lol. it became a subtle match of volleyball, popping it in the air back an forth between us, while we both tried to gain ground on the other. once i backed him up to his wall, i got a sort of 'bumper' effect between me and the wall behind him...he was helpless, and died a sad goblin death.

    i'm sure you are already planning it, but an indicator on both sides of how many bounces have occurred would be nice. especially if it's a big, nasty goblin head with a counter in it's mouth on both upper corners.


  • Okay so I decided to attack this game again and finish it. I just had some fun today making the graphics better. I turned them from 3 on the dial to 4.5. Now I have a goblin guy in the center that will set a bomb off on your side. I took a little construct break and now I am excited to pop back in! weeeee.

    <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gIV--e6DlPU/T5OK40wz5-I/AAAAAAAAALk/DPMGTzYnvkY/s1600/WIP.jpg" border="0" />

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  • hi not bad.

    bug note: when i played single player, i could still partially control the computer player with the arrow keys.

  • I love green skull ball graphics!

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