Go Kinok Go! A Fast paced Platformer!

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  • Presenting Go Kinok Go!

    A 2D Platformer Made on Construct 2.

    Go Kinok Go is made for gamers who love retro gameplay. the game was inspired by big classic games like the original Rayman and Sonic the hedgehog, it offers a fun gameplay mechanic and a real challenge for hardcores and causals alike.

    the core gameplay element for this game is the bullet mode.

    when kinok (our main character) reaches his maximum speed, he can enter the "Bullet" mode.

    Bullet mode makes you godlike-non killable for a few seconds, and if you touch enemies from any angle, you will shoot them like rocket.

    every level is designed in a way that can be played entirely in bullet mode, you just have to find the perfect path to hit enemies before your Energy runs out.

    Kinok is now On steam greenlight, you can vote for it here : steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=313890947

    and if you're interested, you can buy a demo version for a minimum of 1$ now and get the full game for free when it gets greenlit!

    more details on: groupees.com/bagb14


    Speedy gameplay Inspired by sonic the hedgehog

    Hand drawn world

    Bonus levels and Hidden items

    Artistic Design

    The ability to go the whole game on bullet mode without even stopping once

    User created billboards and locations (kickstarter backers only)

    Various Game modes

    there are several Puzzles and bosses for you to overcome, a lot of hidden paths and objects for you to find, and a ton of fun paths that will last more than a level, yes. you can go the entire game in bullet mode. don't even stop once, everything is designed to be sleek and fast, and above all, FUN.

    With enough speed, Kinok can launch into "Bullet Mode" where our friendly toaster / bullet / hero (You decide!) turns into an unstoppable speed demon. As we all know, true speed demons are also invincible. Encouragement for those that keep the speed.- During "Bullet Mode", Kinok blasts everything in its path, if there's a trap underwater, dont worry, you can ignore the water when you're traveling faster than sound, in other words, in bullet mode you can run on water.

    While our hero can jump on enemies' heads to defeat them, with Bullet Mode a single touch from any angle will shoot them like a rocket. Now try to play the whole level in Bullet Mode. you need to hit the enemies or eat the Bullet-filling items to maintain the bullet mode,otherwise your speed ends. be careful though, not all paths lead to a flawless bullet mode. you may run into traps.

    Help Kinok and navigate his way to victory, Jump on your enemies heads like an Italian plumber, or if you like kinok to go faster than the speed of sound, Press the "GO" button and do a sonic boom.

    There's also something about an overambitious news reporter but don't let him distract you from the heart of Go Kinok Go, Platforming in beautifully hand drawn worlds and doing it with speed and style.

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  • Go Kinok Go is a simple yet nice Iranian game. We have a lot of great games but sadly they are not advertised in English.

    Here's the official Iranian website for national games: ircg.ir/fa/game

    As you can see there are lots of them. But even the English section of this website is not great. So, we are to blame for not speading our PC and Mobile games worldwide.

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