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  • Hey guys here are three games I've been making with C2

    Recently a MMO I was playing, called "Glitch", closed its doors and released all its assets as a creative commons license, for others to give the game a new life.

    And this is the time when I coincidentally discovered the existence, and awesomeness of Construct2.

    So I've been playing around with those games and graphics, mostly to get some experience with C2, before making bigger games with my own assets!

    The links I'll post below are actually "guest" versions of those games. I originally published them on Glitch forums, and every former player with a Glich account is actually able to login and play with his own character from the game, through the Glitch API.

    I'm also trying to recreate an mmo experience, as all the "img" points you get in one game is saved with the magic of webstorage, and can be used to purchase things in one other game.

    <font size="5">Game Of Orbs</font>

    <img src="" border="0">

    The first one is similar to a mini-game in Glitch called Game of Crowns, except I replaced the multiplayer capture the flag elements by some "snake-like" item grabbing survivor.

    Your mission is to retrieve as many orbs as you can, while dodging the ever-growing amount of "jujus".

    Each new orb gives you some time with 3 seconds of invulnerability, and you can use the orbs you collected to reset the timer or become invincible when needed.

    Use the arrow keys or wasd/zqsd to move and e/r/t to use an orb.

    More info, how to play and player feedback on Glitch forums

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    Play Game Of Orbs

    Fun facts:

    As mentioned above, the game loads the animation sprite sheets from Glitch servers when the player is logged in. This was a big part of the challenge, and to make it possible I'm loading images from urls into a sprite, which is then animated though events and masked to show the animation one frame at a time.

    <font size="5">Glitch Craft</font>

    <img src="" border="0">

    This one is a bit like Minecraft in a 2d environment, you can choose from a bunch of building blocks with different looks and properties, and some physics components. Each block can be made from the "crafty bot" with some Img points you can get through other games.

    It's also possible to choose the music and pick any of the backgrounds in a sandbox style environment.

    More info, how to play and player feedback on Glitch forums

    Play Glitch Craft

    Fun facts:

    To save on bandwidth and loading times, all the available backgrounds are not included in the game media from C2. I'm loading them dynamically into the background sprites on demand, and from Photobucket, which is actually a surprisingly good option for remote media storage with cross domain access.

    <font size="5">Planks Vs Zomblitch</font>

    <img src="" border="0">

    And this is a remake of the stunning Plants Vs Zombies, in a Glitch way

    You have to grab the bonus points falling and build your defenses with "cubimals" (which were a collectible item in the mmo) and other items to fight the "zomblitches" coming from the right (I guess it makes sense to zombify character assets after a game died :p)

    More info, how to play and player feedback on Glitch forums

    Play Planks Vs Zomblitch

    Fun facts:

    This game makes intensive use of the EaseTween behavior from lunarray for most of small movements, and it's a really neat addon you should check out. Also, like Game Of Orbs, the leaderboard is powered by austin 's, through a custom display using div plugin from Pode

    Hope you'll like those games, feedback is always appreciated!

  • Edited HEAVILY the post above, which was my first post ever on the forums.

    The thread was originally about the first version of Game Of Orbs, an now also includes Glitch Craft and Planks Vs Zomblitch, with a lot more details about the games.

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  • Those look fantastic Lemo!

    I was also a Glitch player who was sad to hear it closing but it's awesome they released all of the game assets just for people like you!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thx, I didn't except to find any Glitchen around here ;)

    Yeah it was a neat idea from them to share all that content

    Now hopefully others will make good use of these assets as well!

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