GemBreak released on Windows Store 10!

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  • GemBreak is now officially out on Windows Store 10!

    If you like a Peggle style game on Stereoids. Then get it here: ... blggh4np8s

    About the game:

    Get ready for a challenging journey through space. Your mission: to destroy all the Red Gems, and make your way through 100+ fun and amazing levels. (with new levels added monthly) GemBreak is an casual Pachinko/Peggle style game on steroids, and where other games in this genre is mostly based on luck, we decided to make GemBreak more action-oriented and tactical. - It's a casual physics game gone arcade-action! You will experience a whole range of exciting and addicting gameplay, that includes gravitational planets, sliding slopes, black holes, bouncers, gravity planets (push/pull) and much more. Drag and drop the cannon to make precision tactical shots, and collect bonusses to help you in your journey to master the ultimate action puzzle game.


    • Put your skills to the test throughout 78 brainteasing levels.

    • Beautiful graphics, visual effects, and high quality SFX and music.

    • Challenge the world with our Online Highscore Leaderboards.

    • Monthly new levels and features (game updates)

    • Fun addicting 2D gameplay based upon an optimized physics engine.

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