GemBreak Beta on Facebook!

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  • Hi everyone,

    We have just released our early Beta of "GemBreak" on Facebook!

    • and we would love to get some feedback from all of you fellow game makers!


    Feedback we can use:

    1. How is the game running? (Does it run fast? is it slow, or does it lagg?)

    2. Is any of the levels to hard to complete?

    3. Any other bugs? (Facebook login, payments, or invites?)

    4. What you think we could make better in the game!

    Please let us know what you think!

    Some quick info about the game:

    1. Currently 66 crazy and fun levels

    2. You can buy premium upgrades (through Facebook)

    3. Saves your game data in PHP/Mysql

    4. 10 awesome bonuses!

    5. Global Highscore (still in beta)

    6. Gravitational planets, Bouncers, Wormholes, and much more!

    7. You can Drop and Drag the cannon sideways for better shots!

    We really hope some of you would try our game, and leave some feedback/comments!

    Best regards,

    JM Softwares

  • Awesome,

  • Logging in from my mobile device though redirects me to a blank page on your main website.

  • oh, yes, we have to fix our htaccess file, thanks Lance.

    And thanks for your great Facebook plugin here on Scirra! and all the great support!

  • Well the plugin is currently only available on

  • No one, wants to test it out?

  • 1. How is the game running? (Does it run fast? is it slow, or does it lagg?)

    Seems to run at full speed on my PC. Some things in the game are slow by default. For example, waiting to go to the next level is boring. I wanna click and go!

    2. Is any of the levels to hard to complete?

    Seemed easy to me.

    3. Any other bugs? (Facebook login, payments, or invites?)

    The game will continually try to fill up the entire screen. I understand why but the height of the window is ignored, which sucks for us widescreen users.

    4. What you think we could make better in the game!

    Background music.

  • Awesome game man!!

  • Thanks a lot Tekniko!

    • we will definatly speed up the "level win" process then :0)

    Also, we are trying some different stuff for people with widescreen!

    music is also coming, we just have to figure out how to best do it!

    It really helps us a lot, so big thanks again!

    (im happy to hear the game runs fast)

  • Thanks Alphoni!

    Any ideas, suggestions?

  • its very nicely polished

  • Thanks IndieKiwi!

    • we still need to do some small graphic updates, but we are moving along fast!
  • hi, I tested with IE11 and it works fine except for a few things...

    * it gets the scaling wrong and ends up too big.. about 50%.. I like how it grows bigger (very slowly) as you resize the screen, but it gets the resizing wrong for whatever reason... this should be an easy fix.

    * I checked this in IE and Chrome, there is a slight error when I played between where I clicked and where the ball went. on a game like this where precision is important, this is a killer issue.

    apart from that, I love it.. the attention to detail (other than the unfortunate killer issue) is wonderful. I've seen VERY similar games from big publishers and this compares favourably.

    best of luck with it.

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  • Hi rho!

    Thanks a lot!

    That was really helpfull, i didnt know about the wrong scaling! i'll get a fix done for that very soon!

    About the ball's shooting position, i think thats because of the physics (but we are working on some physics trajectory) to better show where the ball will "land"

    Thanks a lot rho!

    (we have updated the level select map, with awesome animations, moving stars and galaxies)

    check it out, if you like! :- )

  • I thought it was really good, a very well put together game. On the level select screen, it starts by showing that the first 5 levels have been completed... Not sure if that's a bug or not but it wasn't clear why.

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