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  • Hi guys,

    This are some various tests and examples that im doing from time to time! hope it helps you all!

    line creation based on random points (something i was trying to achieve when i was testing the audio waveforms and road creation)

    Circular movement between 2 points

    A to B using Qarp some request from a few months back that R0j0 helped i think on it! was requested by a member that wanted to do some football type of game and couldn't achieve the arc trajectory of the ball

    Simple drawingusing Sprites and a few variables.

    using Tonejs.API for keeping the audio analyser effect, and some of r0j0 solutions with some inline scripts, i managed to pull up together a simple capx, that reads the waveform of an entire song/ogg/mp3/ and i think even videos with sounds and then using a bit of C2 basic expressions and some number playing creates a road/curved line on peaks and bass beats! keep in mind this example requires ToneJs.API u can find in the forums.

    Music Example capx is rudimentary commented since wasnt meant to be shared plus it's just a old test. useful for those who want to make a rhythm game like audiosurf or other similar games like ride your music. with a bit of tweaking it can read even soundcloud live feed and youtube feeds.

    Edited : More fast paced and with waveform creation based on song length/duration.Music Example v2 duration calculation its a bit offset instead of *10 multiplication it should be *31 or around there.... since we space the lines more.... it seems to depend on (songs length) not length but songs bitrate/?Mhz the more Mhz or quality the more audio samples therefor creation is longer even though the song length is the same so if you calculate the sample rate, then you can split the bins accordingly to the length of the song properly.

    more to come!

    Folder with all my test capx files (C2 only / not sure if they work with C3 also didn't tested.)

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  • Thanks for sharing !

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