Gathering The Sheep

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  • hi everyone ^^

    today as always , i'm going to show you my last game which called : gathering the sheep ^^

    so try to gather them :P

    its simple easy game that i made for the contest and the game was created in 4 days only from scratch to this ^_^

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    so please enjoy playing it and don't leave it without a comment!! we really need your comments to know our powerful points and powerless.

    in this website it give me some support that it may help me in the future to create a full mobile version with more that 40 levels ^^

    until now the mobile version has some bugs that it need to be fix as it doesn't support the webGL also the tiled background has some problem but ill try to fix them ^^

    so last but not least the link ^^ :

    Gathering The Sheep

    sorry if the link has some weird language but its my language and i need to support my programming community.

    just in case :

    you only can use the mouse as the website doesn't support the keys for now but the problem will be fixed as soon as they can ^^

  • Got to love sheeps

  • I dig it, and I like the obstacles you threw in. At first, the beginning levels seemed really easy, but then you started adding obstacles and that made it a bit more challenging. Are you planning on leaving the movement automated? Or will you allow the user to control the direction they want to move?

  • robert , i'm thinking to make the player more active in something more than the movement ^^ for example now he just caring of the jumps but i'm trying to put some powers like speed power and he will get a button to speed the sheep so he must knows where he must use that button and so on in all the powers ^^ of course there will be unlimited powers and others will be limited and so on... just a question you didn't like the automated movement???

  • zsangerous That would make the game a lot more engaging. I liked the automated movement, but I did feel that there should be something other than a 'jump' that makes the user engaged. The speed up power would defnitely improve it

  • Good Try, Hope the next levels will be more exciting....

  • zsangerous, it. i like the movement control/mechanic. it allows you to concentrate of the obstacles and how to navigate them, without being overly distracted with controlling your movement.


  • good news :

    my game won in the concept as the best game in graphics,sounds,gameplays ,game design ^^

    i hope you try it and give me some ideas if you like to see them and the mobile version. by the way maybe the mobile version will take alittle bit longer because i'm thinking to make all the arts in vectors with the same art style ^^ hope you enjoy playing my game

  • Nice game.

    Couldn't figure out the last stage though.. made it to the end without having to deal with any obstacles... not sure if that's meant to be.

    If only you could get rid of that Loading screen on every reload/restart of the level.

    Eager to see more stages :)

  • Great game!

    Recreating the artwork in vectors doesn't seem very hard, so I'm looking forward to see the mobile version very soon!

    PS: If you need help with the vectors I'd be glad to!

  • krish , about the last stage i made that trick just to help the newbie and i can make it much harder ^^ at least finally someone found it .

    about the loading, hmmm i can take it out but the game will looks like a solid which is layout to a layout without any relaxing time between the levels and it really going to be so boring , i could reduce the time showing but taking it out is really bad idea and i have tried it before and many people didn't like it.

    LittleStain , i'm learning how to create vectors right now but maybe in 2days ill start recreating them , thanks for your invite and ill ask you if i needed ^^ I'm really grateful for the help

  • zsangerous

    And? Have you made any progress? I'd love to play the game when finished!

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  • You should really make your game multilingual, otherwise you will limit your player base to probably 5% of what you could have.

  • LittleStain , i really didn't work alot on it because of the exams . also i'm waiting the spriter to use it instead of other programs .

    Astrosus , mainly the 2 languages that ill put are arabic and english but if ill add another language then i need someone to give me thier spellings and some stuffs .

  • English is enough. Just make it the default language.

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